Never been to Germany before? Are you planning for a travel tip this year, but you aren’t completely convinced what Germany has to offer? Only think of this country as the land of Brothers Grimm, the popular authors who published their first book called “Children’s and Household tales” which includes one of the most known fairy tale for kids, “Hansel and Gretel”.

And there’s plenty of reasons to include Germany as you next travel destination with its beautiful capital, Berlin, which is considered one of the most visited European cities. However, the country has plenty of top attractions that wait to be discovered by tourists and we will tel you a few of them.

Oktoberfest is probably the most worldwide known festival which takes place in Munich each year. It is celebrated annual and it usually attracts around six million tourists that come here to taste the German beer and enjoy the fiesta that starts at the end of September and lasts until the fist weekend of October. There’s lot of time to go around, see the surroundings and have fun with your friends.

200th birthday of Wagner for those interested about the classical music. His “The Ring Cycle” concert has been presented each year at Bayreuth, one of the oldest summer festival. 2013 marks 200 years from Wagner’s birthday, this well-known German compositor that has been inspired and giving great songs. Many celebrations will take place in Leipzig, his birthplace, but in Dresden and Bayreuth also.

Romantic Rhine is another great reason to visit Germany, as it is a section of Rhine river, which offers beautiful landscapes and it runs from Koblenz to Bingen. It is characterized by vineyards, castles, medieval towns and other homes, being considered a major tourist attraction since the 19th century.

The Hamburg International Garden Show begins this year on April 26, 2013 and lasts until October 13, 2013. This year’s theme is <Around the world in 80 gardens> and it has been inspired by the writer Jules Verne, being a great place to enter into different gardens worlds.

1100th birth of Kassel, a German town also known as the capital of the German fairy tale route, which is an important location for art and culture. Here, you can also visit the Brothers Grimm Museum, right in the heart of Germany. Since 2013 is the year of its birthday celebration, more than 2,000 events will happen, especially during September festival’s period.

The Brandenburg Gate is another important point of interest located in Berlin that should be visited, as it is the only reminiscence from the Fall of Berlin Wall destroyed physically in 1990. It is the city’s only left gate that symbolizes the reunification of the West and East Berlin.

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