The Cibolo Creek Ranch is a luxury resort in the remote parts of Texas. You might think it sounds familiar and it does. Apart from all the celebrities that are attracted to this place given its secluded nature, this is also the spot where Antonin Scalia came to spend his last hours.

Independently of all the rumors that surround it, Cibolo Creek Ranch is still a fantastic place to spend your vacation if you’re looking for a quiet and sheltered spot and if you’re into history. The site was built around old forts. More on that and some other amazing details in this review of the Cibolo Creek Ranch, in Marfa, Texas.

cibolo creek ranch adobe fort view

Accommodation type: 5-star hotel

No. of Rooms & Suites: 40

Pricing: starts at $370 – 470 for single rooms

High season: May to September

Nearest airport: Cibolo Creek Ranch Airport, Marfa Texas Airstrip

Suitable for: couples, honeymooners, relaxing, celebrities, people in need of intimacy


In the beginning, it was just a ranch, established by Milton Faver in the 1850s. Apart from the ranch, he also built three forts, called El Cibolo, La Morita, and La Cienega, so that he could protect himself and his family from the attacks of the Apache Native Americans whom he had driven away off the land.

This piece of history is one of the things which makes Cibolo Creek Ranch so unique. You can still see those forts today. Apart from that, the resort also prides itself with no less than 30,000 acres to its name. As far as location goes, Cibolo stands an hour away from the border between the United States and Mexico, deep into the Chinati Mountains. Although it is considered to be part of Marfa, Texas, it actually lies some 33 miles from it.

Therefore, these natural surroundings have prompted owners to incorporate a private jet service for their guests. As a consequence, in case you don’t want to drive there, you can always take a private jet.

The property is also famous for having attracted many celebrities over the years. Some examples include Mick Jagger, Julia Roberts, Bruce Willis, Jerry Hall, Tommy Lee Jones and others. Apart from that, a few movies were also shot here, including No Country for Old Men, and There Will Be Blood.

Therefore, the chances of you meeting a true celebrity or watching a movie be filmed while staying at the Cibolo Creek Ranch are very high.

cibolo creek ranch inside of room


Here are some of the facilities you can enjoy while you are at the Cibolo Creek Ranch.

  • The opportunity of staying in restored adobes and forts, which were built almost two hundred years ago.
  • Free wifi
  • Designer complimentary toiletries
  • Each room is furnished with traditional Spanish and Mexican antiques
  • Adobe fireplaces in every room
  • An outdoor pool which guests can use to relax
  • Private runway for small airplanes and private jets
  • Private jet services

As far as eating at the Cibolo Creek Ranch goes, the resort has a very well equipped restaurant that serves mainly Mexican gourmet cuisine. The hotel prides itself on the fact that all its restaurant’s recipes are based on ancient ones, which means you will also get a taste of culture while you eat.

cibolo creek ranch room view

Complimentary Activities

Apart from relaxing in the hotel’s pool or their own spacious rooms, guests can enjoy the following complimentary activities while at the Cibolo Creek Ranch.

  • Horseback riding
  • Hiking
  • Scheduling a viewing party after dinner so that you can enjoy the desert night sky through a state-of-the-art telescope
  • Tours to see the surrounding mountains
  • Taking short trips through the countryside which surrounds the resort itself either by car or by foot
  • Relaxing at the on-site spa
  • Take a guided tour around the site on horseback, walking, by ATV or Humvee
  • Attend one of the many seminars they organize, such as shooting seminars, backpacking or photography among many others. All the workshops are held by professionals in each respective industry, which ensures that you will receive the best training and most accurate information
  • Fishing, as the Cibolo Creek Ranch has a very well stocked lake
  • Take a ride in the paddle boats around the very same lake
  • Mountain biking on bikes which the Cibolo Creek Ranch can offer you upon request
  • Photograph the wildlife. The natural landscape around Cibolo Creek Ranch is home to some 50 species of birds, both non-native and native. Apart from birds, you can also see and immortalize in photos elks, bison, deer, and some other types of big game. You will be glad to see that they are accustomed to humans and that they will pose for you.

Travel Options

The easiest way to get to the Cibolo Creek Ranch is by private jet or small airplane. You can also arrive on one of Texas’ main and large airports and then rent a car and drive to Cibolo. However, you will soon find out that the first option is better than the latter. The private airport stands a mere 5.4 miles away from the ranch itself.

Apart from that, coming to the resort by private jet will give you a sense of intimacy and being away from prying eyes.

cibolo creek ranch view of lounge

Main Attractions Around the Cibolo Creek Ranch

·         The Carrizal Springs

It is a beautiful city, small and quiet, nowadays famous for the springs after which it was named. The Native Americans called it that because they used to find cane grass around the waters. In fact, the waters at Carrizal Springs are so clean and pure that they are collected and exported to be used as holy water all over the world.

·         View the Native American Rock Art

This part of Texas is home to some pretty impressive Native American Rock Art, which you should not miss while staying at the Cibolo Creek Ranch. Also known as petroglyphs or pictographs, the images are to be found everywhere, especially in rock shelters, on the walls of canyons, and rock outcrops which are spread across the very rugged land around the resort.

·         The Abandoned Forts and Rock Houses

You can also ask to take a private or group tour of all the abandoned forts and rock houses which are to be found in the area. They date back as far as the 1850s and a learned guide can tell you all about their history and cultural significance. In this way, you can leave the resort even richer than you came in.

The Cibolo Creek Ranch’s Main Attraction

Even though the resort has so much to offer, its main attraction remains the hunting expeditions you can take part in while staying there. The Cibolo Creek Ranch offers a very broad array of shooting activities. They are intended for all levels of skill. Therefore, you needn’t worry if you are a beginner.

cibolo creek ranch entrance view

Here are some examples of what they can organize for you in terms of shooting sprees.

  • A 3D course in archery
  • Pistol and rifle target ranges
  • Skeet and trap field shooting
  • A world championship caliber clay course for shooting in 16 stages.

Apart from that, what makes this so amazing is that the resort gladly offers you the firearms and ammunition you need. Therefore, you don’t have to bring absolutely anything with you. The shootings are organized upon request, so make sure to call their offices first and check with them.

Final Words

The Cibolo Creek Ranch truly is a resort like no other in the country, if not the world. Everything is unique in this place. The location, deep in the desert and surrounded by mountains, as well as the fact that it’s so steeped in Native American history. The resort has gladly preserved it so that everyone can enjoy a slice of history while they relax and rest.

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