Dublin is one of the most colorful and vibrant cities in Europe. Tourism has become very important for the country’s economy, and this is why the capital has seen significant improvements in the last few years. With so many museums, architectural landmarks, pubs and clubs, it can be sometimes hard to determine your holiday schedule. In a hurry to decide what to visit ? If you are not sure what to look for when in Dublin here is a list of 10 things you should definitely put on your to do list.

  1. The Guinness Store House, located in St James’s Gate is one of the most popular attractions in Dublin. It keeps track of the Guinness history and its creator, Arthur Guinness who established the Brewery in 1759. It is stretched on 7 floors , each of them containing machinery and tools relevant to the brewing process which culminate in the last story, the Gravity bar that offers a 360 degree view of Dublin City.
  2. Situated on the South Side of the River Liffey, in the center of Dublin, can be found the notorious Temple Bar. The history of the place is very interesting. Named after the Temple family which lived here in the 17th century, it was soon abandoned and started to rapidly decay, until it became a hazard and was scheduled to be destroyed. However during the early 90`s a non-profit company decided to restore the Old Cultural Quarter, and the Temple Bar has become, from that moment on, a major hotspot for tourists. Sometimes it can get a little too crowded, but if you ever get the chance you should make a stop at one of Dublin’s most loved places. Its cobbled streets, pubs, bars, exhibitions and architectural values create a delightful mix of medieval streetscapes and Eco-friendly environment. The neighborhood is also home to the Gallery of Photography, the Projects Art Center and the Irish Film Institute.
  3. Another enjoyable place is the People’s Pub which has already become an established venue that serves excellent dishes. Because of its fabulously well furnished wood and mural rooms, and the great list of expensive wines, it can easily be considered a select location.
  4. Learning about new things which can be applied in everyday life is always fun. The Science Gallery at the Trinity college hosts an innovative display of technology accessible to everyone. The museum was designed to impress, they even inscribed their logo on the face of a diamond. There are also a lot of interesting debates on the use of sustainable resources, techno-thread clothes, robotic machinery and usefulness of anti-depressants.
  5. The Dublin Castle isn’t a castle in the traditional sense. With no towers, moat or drawbridge, it hardly evokes the image of the typical medieval fortress. It is rather a cluster of 18th century style buildings concentrated around 2 interior courtyards. There is a fee required at the entrance. If you don’t feel like paying, you can simply take a walk through the surrounding gardens.

Dublin has become, hands down, one of the most popular weekend destination for tourists all over the world. There are so many places to see that one article was not enough. For this reason a follow up article will be posted. For any suggestions or ideas please post your comments in the comment box bellow.


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