So, you have planned a family holiday to the wonderful African island, Mauritius. Known for its peaceful pristine beaches and magnificent sceneries, the island has been a favourite destination for families looking for a luxury getaway. Wondering what to do around the island with kids? No worries, there is lots! Here are 6 amazing family-friendly activities to be done on your luxury trip to Mauritius with kids! You will love it!

Family Beach Day

luxury trip to mauritius with kids

Kids and parents, everyone loves the beach! Especially when the water is azure blue and the sand powdery white. Well, Mauritius has got plenty of those! Swim in the crystal clear water, build sand castles, bake sand cookies and drink plenty of coconut water. For families travelling with older kids, there are also water sports activities to be done at some beaches and there is a beautiful underwater world to be admired as well, so bring your snorkelling gear.

Crocodiles and Giant Turtles at La Vanille Reserve

La Vanille Reserve is a great park and nature reserve to visit on your luxury trip to Mauritius with kids. It’s home to a 1,000 giant Aldabra Tortoises and more than 2,000 Nile Crocodiles. Kids can feed, pet and play with the giant turtles and you can take great photos of your little ones holding baby crocodiles if they dare. There is a little zoo onsite as well to see more Mauritian mammals and reptiles and there is an insectarium, home to hundreds of colourful butterflies and insects. It is a place where wonders of nature will enchant you. Also, kids will just love the Jungle Adventure Playground. A great day out for the whole family!

Dolphin Watching Trip at Tamarin Bay

luxury trip to mauritius with kids

Isn’t it every kid’s dream to see real dolphins swimming in the sea? Make these wishes come true during your holiday in Mauritius! At Tamarin Bay, you can go on a dolphin watching trip in the morning at 7.30 am. You will see lots of these amazing sea creatures swimming in their natural habitat and playfully jump around into the air. You can even swim with them if you want. How exciting is that?

Zipline Adventure

Always wanted to explore the forest from the treetops, like Mowgli does in Jungle Book? Or, fly like a bird in the sky? Here is your chance! At Domaine de Chazal you can go sliding through the trees of Riviere des Galets with your zip lines on. Families with kids over 4 years are welcome. It’s quite an adventure and super fun for sure. On the way, you will stop at waterfall spots where you can swim and enjoy lunch perhaps. So you might want to strongly consider engaging in this activity on your luxury trip to Mauritius with kids!

Underwater Seawalk

Want to treat your kids to a unique underwater experience? With your special underwater helmet on, you will not only look like some sort of astronaut but you will actually be walking on the bottom of the ocean, feeding the fish and admiring the colours of corals and sea creatures. Kids from 5 years old can join in. Knowledge about swimming or diving is not needed. The Underwater Seawalk in an amazing way to spend underwater quality time together!

Luxury Villa Stay

luxury trip to mauritius with kids

Last but not least, staying in a Mauritius villa will make your trip complete. After an exciting day out exploring the island, you can retreat to the cosy home that’s private to your family alone. Watch the kids splashing water in the pool while you lounge on a sunbed, sipping away a refreshing cocktail. You don’t have to worry about queuing at a restaurant, as dinner is being prepared in the kitchen. After dinner, soak in the opulent bathtub to soothe your tired feet and sore muscles. As you retire to a peaceful slumber, you know that you can sleep in tomorrow, as there is no rush to meet breakfast hour. Isn’t this what luxury all about?


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