New Zealand is a country chock full of culture, beauty, and an incredible outdoors. How can you not love such a breathtaking country? Everything there is so unique and special. Because it was populated in the beginning with the Maori people, much of their culture, art, and language of the New Zealanders are very much influenced by the Maoris. This is a great thing because their culture is a beautiful and exciting thing. They are incredibly diverse, and—the best part of it all—is their love and passion for the outdoors and all living things.

There is absolutely no way that a person can go to New Zealand without partaking of the fantastic culture of the Maoris. It’s everywhere, and you wouldn’t want to miss your chance at the most fantastic experience.  Anywhere you go there will be equally beautiful, have a climate similar, and have amazing outdoor sites, but in the Maori populated areas, they bring it even more alive and give it their own special flavor. You would not want to miss out for the world.

One thing that is super amazing to go and see is the Buried Village. You will get to walk in the beautiful nature, and especially take in the sight of the Wairere waterfall. It is stunning and magnificent, and the trek is invigorating.

This village is the one that was destroyed when a volcano erupted. It was then reinvented for tourists to go and see the remains of that disaster. There’s a museum as well, and many Maoris sell their wares—if you want something cool and authentic.

Or, head out to one of the spectacular tropical islands and experience all of the wealth of nature. At Kapiti Island, it’s green and gorgeous, but the main attraction are the many beautiful birds to see and hear.  Wear sturdy shoes for the trip. Spend the time just watching the many types of birds flying around, gathering food, and living their lives. You will be amazed—it’s guaranteed.

Their beaches are incredible, and not something you will find anywhere else. Crystal clear ocean, white sands, and just generally magnificent shorelines—as far as beaches go. Activities such as scuba diving are offered. You will get to check out all the underwater life—the coral reefs, swimming with the dolphins, watching the schools of fish, and maybe even see a shark or two. It’s awesome.

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