Are you an adventurous person? Would you like to give skydiving in Los Angeles, California, a try? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because here is a list of 15 places you could try. Don’t worry about prices; this list includes options for all kinds of budgets, as well as different recommendations for first-timers, tandem skydiving and other kinds of adventures in the sky.

skydiving in tandem

1. Skydive Coastal California

375 Durley Ave., Ste. B, Camarillo.

(805) 322-4763

Price range: $200 – $300

If you’re looking for the best skydiving Los Angeles venue, this is the company to contact. Even though the 12-minute flight that takes you to the drop zone is not technically in L.A. — you’re flying from the Camarillo Airport — one thing is for sure: you will see L.A. in all its beauty!

If you’re both scared and excited for trying skydiving, Skydive Coastal California is the best match for you. Thanks to the professional and friendly staff that has experience with first timers, diving from 14,000 feet in a 40 second 120 mph freefall is a relaxing and breath-taking experience.

2. Skydive Perris

2091 Goetz Rd.

Perris, CA 92570-9315

+1 (800) SKYDIVE

+1 (800) 832-8818

Price range: $59 – $100 (for first timers)

It doesn’t get better (or cheaper) than Skydive Perris when it comes to skydiving near Los Angeles like a king (or queen). Advertised as “the only skydiving center in California with an Indoor Skydiving Simulator,” this venue is ready to offer skydivers anything they dreamed of and more.

On the ground, the venue features a wide variety of facilities, including a pool, restaurant, bunkhouse, store, and the main attraction, an indoor skydiving wind tunnel. It’s the best in terms of indoor skydiving in Los Angeles, favored by celebrities and Hollywood studios.

3. Skydive Elsinore

20701 Cereal Street

Lake Elsinore, CA. 92530

(951) 245 9939

Price range: $189 – $279

Skydiving in Los Angeles has basically been first established by Skydive Elsinore, an oasis of warmth for customers opened in 1959. Thanks to the staff’s expertise, even the most fearful divers will feel safe and excited to try human flight.

At the same time, if you’re looking for Los Angeles skydiving deals, Skydive Elsinore offers various discounts, including deals for families and friends who want to experience skydiving together.

Skydive Elsinore, commended as “one of the more notable drop zones in California,” is also known for some of the best skydiving Los Angeles deals for students, first time flyers, and tandem skydiving.

4. Skydive Monterey Bay

Driving directions available on the website


Price range: $179 – $279

If you’ve done your research on skydiving in Los Angeles, you know that Skydive Monterey Bay has some of the best skydiving Los Angeles Yelp reviews (read any of the 182 reviews who have been satisfied with their experience).

In addition to offering some of the highest drops in the world (you can go as high as 18,000 feet), this venue also has some of the most affordable prices for skydiving in Los Angeles. Choosing Skydive Monterey Bay also comes with a drop zone in close proximity to the ocean, which offers a great view of the bay, the Salinas Valley, and Santa Cruz.

5. Skydive Taft



Price range: $199 – $299

Are you searching to try skydiving near Los Angeles? Skydive Taft claims this is place is a must. Only about 100 miles from the center of LA, Taft, Ca, is described as “one of the most popular and premier skydiving venues in California.”

You can relive your tandem skydiving experience anytime you want with a video priced at only $90. In addition to the modern student gear they offer, they also promise “the fewest weather delays for skydiving in California!”

You can also access a discount offered by Groupon, which lowers the price of Skydive Taft’s jumps up to 53 percent.

6. iFLY Hollywood

2385 Camino Del Rio North

San Diego, CA

(818) 985-4359

Price range: $79 – $667 (for party groups)

It’s a bit farther from downtown LA, but it’s worth trying iFLY Hollywood from San Diego if you’re interested in iFLY indoor skydiving near Los Angeles. The venue offers all kinds of indoor flying experiences, starting from the package Earn Your Wings (for first-time flyers) and Spread Your Wings for Two (for flying with a friend), and ending with a great flying party package.

You can trust iFLY Hollywood to bring you flying above ground in the safest conditions. The friendly staff offers pre-flight training session and modern flight gear (goggles, helmet, and suit). Don’t miss on on  skydiving in Los Angeles and trust the professionals at iFLY Hollywood.

7. Skydiving Los Angeles California

Directions available on the website


Price range: depends on skydiving method

Skydiving Los Angeles California doesn’t just cater to first-time flyers who are recommended the tandem skydiving package. If you’ve already had your first jump and you want to experience even more adrenaline, this company can teach you how to master the art of skydiving.

The most insane package is the accelerated freefall. It might be scary to perform a jump without an attached instructor to guide you back to safety, but Skydiving Los Angeles California has two of their professional trainers at your side at all times.

8. Revolution Skydiving Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California 90001


Prices: available by phone request

Skydiving has become safer than ever. At the moment, skydiving in Los Angeles is incredibly safe – as long as the company whose services you’re using has high-quality skydiving gear handled by professional instructors with experience.

This is what Revolution Skydiving Los Angeles promises its divers. If you’re a seasoned jumper who wants to take it to the next level, this is the place to become a master of the sky and learn how to dive without an instructor – as scary as that might sound!

9. Skydive Santa Barbara

1801 N. H Street

Lompoc, CA 93436

(877) 652-5867

Price range: $169 – $358 (group discounts available!)

It’s not exactly downtown Los Angeles, but Skydive Santa Barbara had to make it on this list. An expert in first-time flying experiences, it offers some of the most relaxing tandem jumps in California (starting from 13,000 feet).

Located some 100 miles northwest of LA, Skydive Santa Barbara has also made a name for itself bringing its divers as high as 18,000 – so high, in fact, that they are given supplemental oxygen on the way up. This jump means more adrenaline and more time to take in the awesome ocean and mountain views.

10. Ventura Skydiving Center

375 Durley Ave.

Camarillo, CA 93010

(805) 494-5252

Price range: $189 – $349

Yet another skydiving venue located at the Camarillo Airport, Ventura Skydiving Center is just a 30 minute drive from LA and a few miles from the ocean. In spite of the nerves that you might get in anticipation of your jump, once you meet the instructors, you cannot help but relax.

One of the offers that make Ventura Skydiving Center stand out of the crowd is its support for military staff who wants to try this breath-taking experience. According to their website, there’s a 30 percent discount for military jumpers with valid military ID (and their immediate family).

11. GoJump Oceanside

480 Airport Road

CA-92058 Oceanside


Price range: $169 – $199

“Feel the breeze.” This is the slogan that greets interested customers who access the website of GoJump. And considering that the dive takes you right at the Pacific Ocean, you will certainly feel it.

Easily accessible either from Los Angeles or San Diego, the company’s scenic dropzone will take you on the trip of your life. And after you take the amazing freefall from 13.000 feet, the Oceanside and Carlsbad area offers great beaches and fine dining places.

12. Bucket List Rides

San Diego, California, Metro Area


Price range: available by phone request

Have you ever thought of skydiving as a must-do on your bucket list? With Bucket List Rides, your wish can come true. The company offers the extreme excitement of a 120 mph free fall from 13,000 feet, in addition to pre-flying lessons and great safety practices.

The 60 seconds of intense free fall are even more exciting due to the unmatched California scenery. Your wish-list tandem skydive will truly come to life at Bucket List Rides Skydiving center.

13. Peek Skydiving

1801 N H St. Suite G

Lompoc, California 93436


Price range: $169 – $319

Trust Peek to teach you the next level of multitasking: take in the mesmerizing panoramic ocean views while you plummet from tens of thousands of feet in a freefall. Their popular tandem skydiving packages are all that you need if you’re a self-described thrill seeker and you can’t wait  to go skydiving in Los Angeles.

Operating for the past 15 years, these professional jumpmasters will softly land you in a designated sand area, making sure your also receive a signed certificate.

14. Pacific Coast Skydiving

6810 Curran Street

San Diego, CA 92154


Price range: starting from $179

Pacific Coast Skydiving is in San Diego, California, fairly close if you’re visiting the LA area. This skydiving venue is the only one performing panoramic flights over the water before they let you jump with your instructor. You get to see the Imperial Beach, Downtown San Diego, Coronado Island and Coronado Bridge, a glimpse of Mexico – and off you go!

15. Skydive San Joaquin Valley

12112 Copus Road

Bakersfield, California 9331 3

(661) 858-2972

Price range:

For those looking to take a dive in the north half of Los Angeles, we offer you a brand new dropzone. Skydive San Joaquin Valley is located at the south end of the gorgeous San Joaquin Valley, an hour’s drive north of Magic Mountain, Valencia, CA.

Did we miss your favorite skydiving center? Tell us all about it in the comments below. At the same time, if you have a cool story to share about your first skydiving in Los Angeles or your first time jumping without an instructor, we are all ears.

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