The best part about reading a book with a beautiful destination is the unique feeling of dreaming and imagining it in your own style. You can control your mind and represent that location as you like. There are actually few places in the world with a good representation of the initial story related in the book. Moreover, some of them actually make great Summer vacation ideas.

So, if you want to explore one literary destination this Summer vacation which was described in a book you have enjoyed reading, there are a few places set in our reality. Have you been captured by the book about Sherlock Holmes? You can go to England and have a Sherlock Holmes Walking Tour that will carry its visitors in that specific atmosphere of mystery and action. Also, you can go to Stockholm to see where the story of the popular “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” was set.

Below is a useful list with inspiring places you may be curious to discover this summer.

1. Stockholm for “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is a great option for those people who have read the famous Millenium trilogy. For some tourists, Stockholm is just a beautiful European city somewhere between Paris and Berlin. While for others it is the main location, an atmospheric and captivating place described in the book that has had readers breathless. All fans can find the characters’ favorite spot on the island of Sodermalm. A place where you can see chic cafes or bars located in the middle of historic buildings or wood houses. If you choose the Millennium Walk Tour, you’ll discover lots of places mentioned in the book.

2. Have you practically devoured the Twilight series? You are probably aware of its popularity, as well as the movies. So how it would be to go and visit the exciting and beautiful place where it was filmed? Its name is Forks and it is just a few hours away from Seattle. It has excellent shops and touristy sites related to this famous series. Tourists can go and see Bella’s house, the Fork High School, or the town’s impressive hall. Moreover, Forks is an excellent getaway with natural beauties to admire and to spend your summer vacation.

3. “Ulysses” by James Joyce is one of your favorite books? The author, one of the most appreciated artists from Ireland’s capital city has described the action of this book in Dublin. Here, Leopold Bloom walks around the city’s streets during one day plus other places mentioned in the book. Visitors can also have a special walking tour of Dublin following the author’s steps and admiring many monuments and interesting sights of the city. Moreover, check out other great places to see when in Dublin.

You can also go to Paris and visit the Louvre, the place where the Da Vinci Code was set. You can enjoy a beautiful tour focused on the museum and its surroundings. Need something more romantic? Find Verona, the location that inspired Shakespeare to write one of the most well-known works called Romeo and Juliet.

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