The whole Indian Ocean and Oceania area are a favorite for tourists looking to have wild vacations because the stark beauty of the jungle islands and terrain stretches for miles and holds many potential adventures. If you’ve heard of Thailand, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea, you might have an idea of what awaits you when travelling to Borneo.

Borneo is one of the most varied and wonderful places to go visit for two reasons:

  1. It’s got all the beauty and nature of the surrounding islands.
  2. It’s got 3 different countries sharing one island.

That’s right, Borneo is actually part of Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and by travelling to Borneo you can get three completely different vacation experiences packed into one. Each of the divisions is somewhat similar, and yet also starkly different in many ways.

1. Indonesia

Indonesia controls the largest part of Borneo. About three-quarters or more of the island contains Indonesian residents, and therefore mainly reflects the Indonesian culture. There are plenty of touristy activities to do there, everything from sightseeing to extreme sports. Moreover, you can’t miss the opportunity to taste all the different cuisine offered there. But when the fun runs out and you feel like moving on, you can head over to Malaysia and have the best time all over again.

Travelling to Borneo: 3 Countries in One

2. Malaysia

The country of Malaysia is divided into two parts, one of which is located in lovely Borneo. Malaysia is famous for its national parks, its extravagant villas, and the white water rafting locations along the various rivers flowing throughout the country. Malaysia is somewhat more developed than the Indonesian area of the island, and therefore can offer you a more luxurious and cushy vacation.If you want to find out more about this amazing country you can read our article on Malaysia, an unforgettable experience for every tourist.

Travelling to Borneo: 3 Countries in One

3. Brunei

In the country of Brunei is where you can find the real extravagances. Brunei is the smallest portion of the island, and yet has the largest amount of wealth in proportion. Due to resources and investments in the country, Brunei has developed into an exotic and paradise-like destination. It might cost you big to spend a few days, but it will be worth it when you get to experience the true delights of the area. Many other interesting travelers also stop here, and it’s the perfect place to meet new people and make new acquaintances.

Travelling to Borneo: 3 Countries in One


Borneo offers all sorts of fun and relaxation for all types of people. While you’re there, you can visit all three countries and see which of the cultures you find most enchanting. The whole area has a tropical loveliness that makes the trip worth taking. Moreover, it is a great option for anyone with any kind of budget. Is travelling to Borneo next on your vacation list?


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