Green buildings, Eco-friendly products, ecological food, and nature preservation are words which have become more and more used over the past few years. This is because people all over the world are making efforts to help Earth heal. According to the Economist, this year we will have the chance to choose from a variety of travel destinations dedicated to winter sports. Here are the top 10 Eco-friendly winter destinations of 2013.

  1. NORWAY: If you want to enjoy the pristine beauties of Norway’s glaciers, clean air and mountain hikes, book a ticket to Bergen. Oslo is the first in the top ten cities with low carbon dioxide emission, and also number 1 in the production of sustainable energy. Authorities are showing extra care to the scenery, and have announced that deforestation will be reduced. They have also promised to reduce the harmful substance emission in order to create a cleaner air.

  2. SWEDEN: Stockholm is considered the “greenest” city n the world. But Sweden isn’t only about Stockholm, it is also about large stretches of beaches, mysterious islands, glaciers, lakes, breathtaking views and adventure. Sweden is a land of contrast between the danish influences and the nomadic tribes which came from the Arctic Circle. While there are some rural areas which offer simple pleasures, the urban cities are very well developed and refined.

  3. FINLAND: Finland is one of my personal favorites. Not only is it the most pristine country in Europe, where there are still areas untouched by human hand, but it is also one of the greenest countries in the world. If you wish to reconnect with nature, and revel in the beauties of the untamed wild, then you should definitely visit Finland.

  4. COSTA RICA: A year of hard work cannot be complete without an exotic get-away to Central America’s hottest Eco-friendly destination: Costa-Rica. The national reservations and parks cover approximately 27% of the country. Lush tropical forests, volcanic mountains, river rafting, jaguars and countless species of exotic birds can be found in this miniature paradise. Costa Rica, the birth place of ecoturism, takes pride with its incredible landscapes, minimal impact on the environment and local culture.

  5. SWITZERLAND: When you say Switzerland you say lakes, mountains, snow, great hotels, relaxation, insanely expensive watches, and occasionally James Bond. If you are a nature lover then you should check out the WhitePod complex in Les Giettes. This complex is formed from 15 individual lodges which are 100% Eco-friendly. The room is very close to a 7 km slope nestled in the Swiss Alps. Of all the destinations mentioned, this one is so remote and in touch with nature, that you will not hear any unwelcome sound.

    If you want to find out the other five nominees in our top 10 most ecological tourist destinations in the world, stay tuned for the sequel!

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