The city of Vancouver has become one of the top cities to live in—or at least visit in. it has grown in size and popularity, and the new “it” city to move to. Besides opening the doors to so many new job opportunities for people, as well as being the second best hot spot for up and coming actors to begin their careers, there is so much to see and do. Vancouver has so many interesting and fascinating places to see, people to meet, and things to try.

Here are ten, really awesome things to do there when you go for a little visit:

1: If you enjoy steaks and grill cooking, hit some of the awesome BBQ style restaurants and have the ultimate BBQ experience. A grill in the middle of the table, you and your companions can cook your own food just the way you like it. Steak, sea food, pork will be given to you to cook and relish. It’s really cool.

2: Maybe you are a person who loves to trek in the great outdoors. Capilano Suspension Bridge is just such a place no person should miss out on seeing. Walking on this bridge, suspended high above the 100-foot trees, the view is out of this world.

3:  if you are interested in something on a more romantic note—something to do with your spouse—you should definitely do the Sunset Dinner Cruise. Dine on excellent fare while cruising along at sunset.

4: A good way to exercise and see the city is by the Vancouver City Tour by Bike. It’ll take a good 5 hours on bike, but you get to explore and see some of the most popular sites it has to offer.

5: A tour of the gardens of Vancouver can be downright spectacular if you are a lover of flowers. You’ll get to see beauty at its best, and flowers that range in all sizes, colors, and nationality. It’s a wealth of history too.

6: Taking a walk through Chinatown can also be a cultural experience that’s fun for you. You’ll get to experiences China and not actually have to go to China. Vancouver is known for having the largest Chinatown in North America.

7: Spending the day in one of the many parks is a wonderful experience. They are equally gorgeous and breathtaking.

8: Kayaking down one of the many lakes and oceans can be fun if you love being out in the water and taking risk. Getting away from the city is a benefit of this.

9: A wild life tour. This is fun, and you get to see many exotic animals.

10: A sightseeing tour by ferry. Check out a different view of the city.

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