Many people say that traveling with your children is difficult, especially if they are very young, but we believe that the most pleasant way to travel, is with your family. Although it can be a hassle especially when children are constantly asking „ are we there yet?” you should know that kids are very curious by nature and they have a certain openness to exploring new things. This will probably determine parents to stop for a second and start paying attention to details. There are a lot of good things about traveling with your children, we will tell you only five:


  1. Foster family love

Life at home is the same every day. We go to work or school, we play outside or we do our chores, but there is rarely something unexpected happening. A recent study conducted by National Geographic has shown that people who travel interact more, because they manage to break out of their normal routines. While traveling with your family you get to be with the people you love most, you sleep together, you eat together and you experience the same things together.

  1. Bonding with your children

As parents you should know that it is sometimes hard to get through to your children. Bondage is very important, for both parent and child ( although kids are not aware of it ). Because you get to spend so much time together while traveling, inevitably you will talk more. This will lead to respect and friendship. If you don’t believe that one day your children will be „best friends” just wait and see.

  1. Children help you interact with locals

You know your children are cute, and locals might also think they are cute. People are more open to helping traveling families, because, although there are no studies to support this, most cultures have a special love for children. Don’t waste any time, because your children have an expiration date ( metaphorically speaking ). Once they turn into rebellious adolescents it won’t be so easy to transcend the cultural and language barriers.

  1. Children are surprisingly adaptable

Adults might find it hard to adapt to a new time-zone, environment, apartment, food or whatever. However, children are extremely adaptable. We are not saying that you should change their schedule completely, because they require their eat, sleep and play time, but it doesn’t take long for them to settle in a new place. Also, by exposing your children to different experiences, they will become more responsible as they grow older.

  1. The Educational perks

Of course, it’s great to read all about the world, to watch TV, to surf the internet or to listen to music, but if you really want your children to learn something about the world we live in, give them the chance to see it with their own eyes. Lets try a simple example. You can tell your kid all about baby seals, how they squeak, how they look like and so on. He will probably pretend to listen, and forget the following day. But if you put that baby seal in his hands, he will never forget about it.


So these are some of the reasons we found relevant when deciding whether or not to travel with your family. You would be surprised just how well you and your children will get along after an extended vacation, and how easily they can adapt to new environments. Not to mention the bonding possibilities and beautiful things you can see and do together

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