If you are looking for a place closer to nature, a relaxing spot to enjoy your vacancy, Costa Rica might be the right location to be, as it is one of the most peaceful countries in the world with many beautiful eco places, exotic jungles, welcoming people, amazing beaches loaded with live coral reefs and other resting locations.

Costa Rica is a great travel destination for both families or couples, an environment-friendly place closer to the nature and an interesting area where tourists can discover different natural attractions, explore and admire it. The climate change, a fresh air, great places and one of  the happiest countries in the world are few of the main reasons why Costa Rica is a must-see country in Central America.

Where is the best place to spend your summer vacation than in a country that promotes the pure of life. Costa Ricans, the locals, are actually living with this <pure life>attitude each day, without too much stress or working too hard in their lives. They love enjoying life, believe in this way of living and they are sharing it with tourists also.

It is one of the healthiest countries in the world with a life expectancy in the top of Americas and a very good and solid public health system. Here you can find top notched and developed cabinets with high standards instruments, reasons for tourists from other countries to visit it.

With a constant positive attitude, Costa Rica is also one of the happiest countries to travel, because it has great indicators like education, environment or lifestyle that contribute to a healthy and happy lifestyle. The locals are welcoming, friendly and open minded with tourists, sharing their vision of life. If you want to cheer up and energize during your vacation, prepare to book a travel destination to Costa Rica to see what really make them happy.

The region is popular for biodiversity with hundreds of bird species living here and representing around five percent of the world’s biodiversity. There’s national parks to visit and discover different types of mammals, including a rare spider monkey species or turtles and other animals plus green places. Tourists can have the chance to see animals in their natural or artificial habitat plus other places protected by law.

Costa Rica is also a great destination for many activities to experience such as rafting, windsurfing, swimming or snorkeling inside the blue water where you can admire the amazing underwater world with beautiful coral reefs. The country’s capital San Jose is the place to visit interesting museums and other cultural buildings. Come to Costa Rica and you won’t regret it.


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