Looking to live out an old-fashioned American holiday? Texas is a perfect place to go. The Lone Star State offers a blend of friendly locals, hearty food, great sightseeing, and warm, pleasant weather. It’s one of the top states to go to for family vacations, and one of the most popular family trip destinations in the whole of the US.

Quiet Getaways

The scenery of Texas is well suited to quiet and relaxing getaways in resorts, villas, and cabins in various areas. If you just want to get away from it all, and take your family out of the city for once, head over to Texas. Many bed and breakfasts, cabins, lodges, motels, and villas can be found scattered throughout the state, and you can find your ideal niche in the Texas landscape.

City Fun

Texas isn’t all about its countryside though. If your family likes the culture and liveliness of the city, you can take a trip to one of the bigger cities and soak up the events there. Rodeos, festivals, parades, and parties are everywhere, particularly in smaller towns and smaller urban areas.

Outdoor Adventures

The great outdoors in Texas is full of opportunities for the adventurous types. If you like hiking and walking, the landscape is perfect for campouts, cabin stays, and treks all over the state. There are many parks and reserves where campers can pay to visit for a day, overnight, or a series of days if they like. If you’ve got the type of family that enjoys going on long, scenic hikes, Texas will make for a wonderful vacation.

There are also many options for visitors to Texas who are looking to do even more extreme sports. For instance, rock climbing is huge in some areas of the state, with climbers coming from all around to practice and have fun. Zip-lining is offered in many areas, an adrenaline pumping option many find enjoyable. You can even go skydiving or bungee jumping in some areas.

The Cowboy Life

Go experience life on a ranch while you’re visiting. You can see how cowboys live in modern times, far different from in the movies and yet keeping many of the essentials alive. You can ride horses, lodge on a ranch, take part in the ranch work, or just have a general good time in that unique setting. It’s an exclusively Texan experience the whole family will enjoy.

The wholesome, friendly Texan culture will be ideal if you want to give your family a good time this season, but aren’t sure where to go. Transportation is easy, lodging and accommodations are cheap, and excitement is everywhere.


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