Ole, ole! You are one step closer to arrive in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina and one of the largest metropolitan areas in South America. It is a vibrant and thrilling city, the right place to be to learn the tango and the Latins’ passion. As well as discovering interesting and beautiful points of interests, from parks, museums, theater and other outdoor activities. If you are planning to escape for a few days and you are on a budget, you need to check out these awesome free things to do in Buenos Aires.

1. Art and Culture

For visitors interested to discover new things and works painted by Latin American artists, there is the Museum of Fine Arts. Here you can admire permanent collections with works by famous painters such as Gauguin, Van Gogh, Degas and other Argentinian and South American artists. This is one of the best free things to do in Buenos Aires, so you can go anytime you want. For more details about the local artists such as Rivera, Clark, Torres-Garcia and other hundred works of art including paintings, sculptures or photos from the 20th century until today, you can check out the Museum of Latin American Art that is free every Wednesday.

free things to do in Buenos Aires

2. Palermo

The beautiful and chic Palermo in north Buenos Aires has three sections: Alto Palermo, Palermo Chico, and Palermo Viejo. An excellent location with various attractions such as museums, urban parks, cafes, bars, film studios or high-end boutiques. Neighboring Palermo Hollywood is a vibrant and comfortable place to try lively tapas bars, experience festive outdoor markets and other fun things. Palermo is a safe, fun and excellent place, with easy access to public transportation and authentic restaurants.

3. Puerto Madero

When tourists want to take an evening walk, they usually go to Puerto Madero, where lots of city lights illuminate the port, once being a major destination for European trade. Although during the day it’s a quiet business hub, the place bursts with energy by night, here being some of the most fun free things to do in Buenos Aires.

free things to do in Buenos Aires

4. Rose Garden Walk

When you get tired by the noisy area from this vibrant town, take time to smell the roses in Rose Garden Walk. This is a charming and relaxing area and a lush green space with more than 1,000 species of roses. Situated in Palermo Woods, the access to this garden is free to the public, Being a recommended location for tourists seeking a free and relaxing place.


Buenos Aires is considered to be “the Paris of Latin America”, a city easy to love and hard to forget. A city where you’ll meet warm, welcoming and friendly Latins, always ready to give a hand and guide you, when needed. For more free journeys you can also go to Hong Kong.


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