It’s quite impossible not to dream about the perfect vacation and impatiently waiting for the summer season to come. If you are planning an escapade to Europe this year, there are lots of reasons to include Amsterdam in your plans. An amazing city with its canals, a high number of houses and buildings dated from 16th or 20th century, unique museums, as well as many interesting free things to do in Amsterdam.

1. Canal Ring

This has been developed in the 17th century and is one of the world’s most beautiful urban landscapes. The city is called the Venice of the North for its impressive number of canals which are part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can walk around and admire the semicircular ring of canals that appear like a museum. Moreover, you can enjoy visiting this for free.

free things to do in Amsterdam

2. Main Library

This is a great place to rest after a day of touring in the city. It is one of the best free things to do in Amsterdam, you can grab a magazine or newspaper and relax on a cozy sofa accompanied by a good coffee. The library is one of the biggest in Europe with over 500 computer terminals offered for free to visitors. Moreover, it has an impressive collection of books plus a great view over the city from the top of the building. A free resource that is open to the public from 10 AM in the morning to 10 PM at night.

3. Cannabis College

A non-profit foundation located in the heart of Amsterdam that offers relevant information about the city’s famous herb. This is the place to find out interesting details about the production method of herb, talk to the staff about coffee shop etiquette, discover hemp-made products, as well as other interesting things.

free things to do in amsterdam

4. ARCAM or Amsterdam Center for Architecture

The center is one of the most interesting and modern buildings in the world that tourists can visit. Its activities are free and open to the public and are worth a tour due to the building’s beautiful modern architecture. Moreover, it mixes simplicity and function with an amazing form, so for those interested in architecture, it’s a great place to go.

5. Bimhuis

If you love jazz music, Bimhuis is a great spot in Amsterdam that offers a jam-free session every Tuesday at 10pm from September to June. Part of Amsterdam’s influential jazz scene, you can go and listen live a jazz group.


The capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam is the largest city in the country which offers lots of attractions for visitors, some of them paid, while others for free. It’s not mandatory to spend a fortune on the trip to this stylish and elegant capital because there are many free things to do in Amsterdam that you will love. If you like low-budget holidays, you can also check out some awesome Free things to enjoy in Hong Kong.

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