Summer vacation is already here and you are excited to take your kids and escape for a few days in Chicago. Visiting Chicago with your young kids can be both challenging and fun because you’ll surely experience interesting moments around them. There are a lot of fun free things to do with kids in Chicago, from outdoor activities like walking in beautiful urban parks to visiting famous and world-known museums.

Other activities you can take part in with your kids are concerts, film screenings, theater performances, art exhibits and so much more. If you are looking for free things to do with kids in Chicago, you can find several locations below. They are kids friendly so you can go ahead and add them to your itinerary.

1. Navy Pier

Navy Pier is a very popular place in Chicago that kids will absolutely love. Especially since you don’t even have to spend money to visit it. The atmosphere created by this location will make them feel like being in a wonderland because it’s a great way to spend time, full of joy, fun, and entertainment for both parents and children. Don’t forget to take a family portrait in front of the amazing Lake Michigan landscape.

free things to do with kids in Chicago

2. Grant Park

In Grant Park, you can spend some nice quality time with your kids in a simple, free and brilliant way, like enjoying a picnic together. It’s a beautiful park, inspired by the gardens at Versailles with attractive fountains to admire. The perfect place to play volleyball or ride a bike or simply relax on the green grass. Grant Park offers a great show of colorful lights and music in the night, so take a walk in the evening with your entire family.

3. Chicago Cultural Center

Another free entertainment location which is actually visited by lots of tourists is the Chicago Cultural Center. This impressive architectural landmark includes two large stained-glass domes where visitors can participate in diverse free public events organized by the city hall. With music, artist showcases, dancing or movies, everyone will enjoy a memorable and fun night.

4. Millennium Park

Another free way to spend time with your kids is Millennium Park. This has an interesting building and landscape design so the entire family will love it. If you’ll be in Chicago during summer, the park organizes the Family Fun Festival with a mix of live music, games and other great activities for everyone. Also, since you will surely need to eat, you can visit Alinea, one of the best restaurants in Chicago.

free things to do with kids in Chicago


There’s plenty of free things to do with kids in Chicago. This is a vivid, exciting, beautiful and kids-friendly city with lots of interesting attractions. Its main attractions combine entertainment, education and spectacular views.  Maybe you want to take them to the zoo to see primates around the world, or to the aquarium to discover species of fish and other aquatic life. Museums are also a good option because they can learn new things about nature and environment, history or art, depending on the museum you take them to. The entire family will enjoy the time spent in Chicago!

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