Packing for a business trip can become an ordeal, because you have consider all the possible situations you will be faced with. You will need a formal attire, and accessories  documents, normal clothes and many others. A business trip requires a lot of preparation, if you want to feel good on it. Here are a few tips to make your work related trip preparation easier.

  • Make a list and think about your schedule while you are doing it. Note down all the meetings you will be having, and consider the duration of your trip. This will make packing a lot easier.

  • Also think about the type of luggage you want to use. You can choose a normal medium size bag, or a business travel trolley. With the regular bag you will have to be careful how you pack your stuff, especially your suits.To avoid wrinkling your formal outfits, fold the jacket in the middle of the bag, and put other clothes over it. When you finish packing, fold the other half of the suit over the clothes.

  • As far as the trolley is concerned, it should be large, but not too large. Chances are that you will meet with your business partner at the airport, and this way you will leave him a good impression. The business trolley has two large pockets, with 2 coat hangers designed especially for your suit. It also has zippers and other storing spaces.

  • Don’t forget about devices you need at work. Download all your apps beforehand if you have a smartphone, and pack up all the chargers and USB cables. Follow the advice of professional photographers who always pack 2 cameras, not one. If you have important documents on your laptop, make a copy on a stick, and store it somewhere else. Also, you should make sure that you have two cell phones, in case something happens to one of them.

  • Pack some medicine. You never know what can happen. When you work a lot „on the field” all your efforts can turn to dust if you suddenly become sick. It is imperative to take your health card or medical insurance with you.

  • If you have the possibility not to pack certain items, take advantage of it. Inform yourself about the amenities of your hotel, and don’t pack useless stuff like towels or soaps.

  • Some airlines offer passengers the possibility to safely store their suit. Before you take off, ask someone if you can put your suit somewhere where it won’t get wrinkled.

  • The most important thing is to try and have fun, and relax. After you are done with all the work, it is important to take a break from all the stress.

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