planning a vacationHave you ever felt the need to be just you and your partner? Well, you’re not alone. Today, our lives revolve so much around work and stress that we barely have time for us and for love. Planning a date is hard enough, let alone planning a vacation in two. But not impossible. There are times when it does not matter if it’s just a romantic weekend getaway trip or if you have plenty of time to plan a great vacation to Thailand. If you follow the next steps on how to plan a romantic getaway, you too can have that little couple’s vacation you have been craving for a long time.

Choose location

Step one: choose a location. Are you imagining yourself lounging on a beach, drinking cocktails or touring a city of romantic architecture? Or do you think gentle hugs in front of the fireplace are exactly what you need? A dance in the moonlight or under the stars? Eating seafood with your hands? Or perhaps getting comfortable in a warm bath? Limit your search and you decide on a location. Try to choose something you will both like, since you don’t get to travel together all that often.

Decide on a “package”

What do you think about an all inclusive resort for couples such as Sandals or a cruise? If you book the trip online, most sites allow you to draw up a package (for example flight + hotel + tourist attractions) at a good price. If you book your flight and hotel together, you get a discount. If you use a travel agent, tell him your needs and desires (and, of course, your budget) in order to make sure you get what you want.

Check your program

If you feel you need an urgent romantic getaway, reserve the trip for the next weekend. You may not have much time, but there is a chance you are both free. Try, however, to make reservations two weeks in advance. The longer you wait to make reservations, the more expensive it is. If you can wait a month or two, try to find a time when both of you can be available. Choose periods in summer or winter. If you cannot afford to do so, choose a time during the holiday season and this way, you will have several days for your getaway.

Pay attention to details

Another important aspect in how to plan a romantic getaway is making sure you have all the details covered. Hire a sitter for the kids. Don’t forget about the “out of office reply” and leave all things in order at work with a colleague (if you settle all the details, there are less chances for you to receive a call from work during your vacation). And ask the security service to monitor your office.

Romantic getaway without too much luggage

The shorter getaway, the less luggage you need. Nothing is more tedious than too much luggage. Take only what you need. A couple of shirts, comfy pants, sunscreen and shoes and an outfit for a night out. It all depends on the destination of your choice.

vacation planning

Call early for special services

Call the hotel ahead of time to order champagne and roses in the room. You really need to charm your partner with this simple gesture.

Surprise getaway

Better yet, arrange everything so that it comes as a real surprise for your partner, but make sure he can take a couple of off. Study his or her schedule before making reservations. Make sure you know the program. For example: how often is he called in to work during weekends? Does he always have free weekends? Will this be a memorable holiday for him as it is for you? How flexible can he be? You must take into account all these things before planning a surprise getaway. It is always a joy to be told to pack your bags at the last minute for a surprise trip.

And when you have arrived to your destination, you can finally relax. Forget the problems (that means you have to stop thinking about work) and enjoy yourself. Romantic getaway will do wonders for your morale. We hope that we have properly shown you how to plan a romantic getaway and that very soon you will surprise your partner with such an experience. Remember: it doesn’t matter how far you get to travel, as long as you are together.

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