The economic liberalization of India meant that more and more people started traveling to this country in business interests. As a result there has been a rapid growth of foreign investments, and corporate businesses. If you are headed to India to meet clients, or seal a deal, here are a few things you should know.

First of all traveling with a specific purpose can become very tiring, this is why you should imagine your daily routine. What, where, how, when and why are the five major questions. Before leaving for your trip you should properly prepare yourself in order to overcome the most common health problems in this exotic country. Of course there are many types of business travel. While some require only a few short days, some might take up a lot of time. A longer stay means you will have to undertake a more thorough preparation. Here are some common problems which should be addressed.

  1. Vaccination is necessary prior to travel. Routine vaccines, protect you from widespread viruses and travel vaccines will immunize you from diseases like Hepatitis, Polio or Typhoid. Frequent travelers are advised to pay close attention to the required vaccines, and long stay travelers should conduct the necessary research before leaving for their destination.

  2. It might sound a little gross, but traveler’s diarrhea is a serious and unpleasant problem which may occur. This issue can be easily solved with the help of a well-thought out medical kit.

  3. Anything can happen when abroad, and this is the main reason why every type of traveler needs health insurance. Luckily, there are many well respected health-insurance companies which offer 24/7 services in case of emergencies.

  4. Jet Lag is one of the most common problems which may bother the frequent traveler. Jet lag usually results in memory and analytic dysfunctions, sleepiness and fatigue. A prescription of sleep aide for the first few nights will help you get rid of the problem

  5. Blood clots are a result of sitting too much. People who fly long distances are usually faced with this health problem. By using compression stockings you will be able prevent this serious medical condition.

  6. Malaria is present in many areas of India, and this means that travelers should properly prepare for such a case. Consulting a doctor beforehand is imperative.

  7. There are a lot of mosquitoes in India. And these mosquitoes carry diseases like Dengue and Chickungunya. Substances which help protect from insect bites should be applied at all times.

These are the main health problems which might occur during your trip, but a little prevention and planning will help you protect your body from any disturbances.

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