This beautiful hotel gets its name from the surrounding area, the North of Madison Square Park, which has been transformed into a pun with a double entendre. NoMad Hotel is the name, and luxury is its game. The hotel is impeccably designed and offers a very high level of style.

It has 168 rooms, all fitted with decorations from an era long gone, such as maps, Persian rugs or antique fixtures. It has a library in which you can relax and read, as well as an Atrium room perfect for having brunch or relaxing. However, the NoMad Hotel does not have a business center or a spa. Therefore, it’s perfect for couples looking for a few romantic moments or on their honeymoon, for a vacation, staycation or tourists.

nomad hotel grand view from outside

Accommodation type: 5-star hotel

No. of Rooms & Suites: 168

Pricing: starts at $326 for single rooms

High season: May to September, but the hotel is open for business at all times

Nearest airport: La Guardia

Suitable for: couples, honeymooners, birthdays, celebrations, visits, staycations


  • The Runner Up for the Hottest Hotel Bar at the Smith Hotel Awards in 2015
  • Top Hotels in New York City at the Reader’s Choice Awards in 2016 according to the Conde Traveler’s Guide


The NoMad Hotel is located in the building of the former National Cash Register Company, which was restored. Its designer, Jacques Garcia, wanted to bring Old Hollywood back to life. And he succeeded marvelously.

All the rooms exude elegance and style and have unique touches of a journey theme to them. Everything at the NoMad Hotel reminds the guests of the Old World, with its hardwood floors, cozy armchairs, and lavish library. That doesn’t mean that the NoMad has forgotten about modern luxuries.

The NoMad has 168 rooms which vary in size. Most of them have the lavish hardwood floors which we mentioned above as well as soaring ceiling. The latter are remarkably hard to find these days in New York. Designer Jaques Garcia drew his inspiration for the hotel from the apartment in Paris where he used to live when he was a little boy. Therefore, the interior of all the rooms is a wonderful combination of European elegance and whimsical touches. As a consequence, he huddled up together white walls and tiled floors with antique staircases, fireplaces that are 200 years old, and furniture covered in old tapestries.

Some big celebrities are considered to be regulars at the NoMad Hotel or its bar, such as Jimmy Fallon, Hillary Duff, Neil Patrick Harris or Will Smith.

nomad hotel view from one of the rooms


  • The rooms on the upper floors have stunning views of the city
  • In the bathrooms, guests can find amenities by Cote Bastide
  • The hotel is pet-friendly, as long as the animal is less than 60 lbs.
  • Free cots if guests have babies
  • Rollaway beds in case guests have older children
  • A children’s menu in the restaurant
  • The hotel also provided babysitting, as long as it is with a day’s notice. It will cost you $40 per hour and the minimum required is three hours.

As far as eating at the NoMad Hotel is concerned, here are your options.

  • The Hotel Restaurant is run by chef Daniel Humm. It prides itself in serving dishes cooked with organic and seasonal ingredients. Some examples include tagliatelle made in the restaurant with pepper and king crab, roasted chicken with foie gras and truffle or seared scallops served with lemon and sorrel.
    One of the amazing things about the restaurant is that it has an open hearth that open right in the parlor and which is used to bake fresh bread.
  • The Hotel Bar has a 24 foot long bar made of dark mahogany and is ruled by master cocktail maker Leo Robitschek. In the Library Lounge, they also allow you to mix your own cocktail, by making use of house made bitters, funky garnishes, and fresh mixers.
  • You can also order simple dishes from room service, such as omelets, sandwiches or salads, at any time during the day or night.

nomad hotel view from inside one of the rooms

Complimentary Activities

  • The gym
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Flat screen TV
  • Minibar
  • iPod dock
  • there is no business center, but the hotel will always lend you iPads or laptops if you need them

Travel Options

The closest airport to the NoMad Hotel is La Guardia. You can fly in from all over the United States as well as from all over the world. The hotel lies approximately an hour away from the airport by car. You can also take the train seeing as both Penn Station, and the Long Island Rail Road are extremely close to the hotel, by foot.

nomad hotel dining area

Main Attractions Around the NoMad Hotel

In case you were wondering if there is anything worth getting out of bed for, during your stay at the NoMad Hotel, you will be happy to find out that there are numerous options.

·         Maison Kitsune

In standard hotel terms, this would be the lobby boutique. Only that this is, in fact, the only outpost that Maison Kitsune from Paris has Stateside. Therefore, you are guaranteed the shopping trip of a lifetime right within the hotel itself.

·         The Museum of Modern Art

The MoMA is situated just around the corner from the hotel itself. You can pay it a visit to see Starry Night, the famous painting by Van Gogh, or Les Demoiselles d’Avignon by Pablo Picasso. The Museum is also home to Hope II by Gustav Klimt, L’Atelier Rouge by Henri Matisse, Mademoiselle Pogany by Constantin Brancusi, and Dresden Street by Paul Cezanne.

·         The Morgan Library and Museum

Is situated close to Bryant Park and the NoMad Hotel itself. You can pay it a visit to take a look at the collection of rare books, drawings, and illuminated manuscripts. They include the likes of Poe, Dickens, and Byron. They also house three original Gutenberg Bibles.

Every Monday in the summer, they also host Screen on the Green where they play classic movies. Most people pack a picnic and come to sit on the grass in the park and enjoy the film and warm summer nights.

NoMad Hotel’s Main Attraction

Evidently, there is so much to see and enjoy during a stay at the NoMad Hotel in New York. However, if we were to pick one main attraction, that would have to be the hotel’s library. The simple reason is that not many hotels nowadays offer their guests a genuine library where they can pick up a book, sit down with a drink and forget about the hustle and bustle outside. That is an experience to remember.

nomad hotel fireplace

Final Words

There aren’t many hotels like the NoMad Hotel in the States anymore. Built at the turn of the century and renovated in an amazingly luxuriously and whimsical fashion, the hotel reminds its guests of bygone eras in a forgotten Paris or long-ago Europe when everything was calmer and time was slower.

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