Heading out for a summer vacation? Now that you’re done with the planning it’s time to start packing! There are several ways to pack efficiently, but we all know that however well we do it we always forget to take something. When preparing for a world cruise you should bear in mind that the vessels are very well equipped and you don’t have to pack many things. It is a fact that clothes represent a great part of the baggage especially when you are cruising on board of an esteemed cruising line. Here is a list of unusual items that might come in handy!

Flashlight : You never know when you might use a flashlight, especially if you are in an inside stateroom with no windows. It is also an excellent tool to use in order to avoid disturbing the other person you are travelling with. Another useful thing would be a night lamp.
Needle and thread : Accidents happen all the time and a needle and thread will surely get you out of a tough spot. Another welcome article in case of emergencies is a twine.
Pop-up laundry bag: When travelling on a world cruise a pop-up laundry bag can be a real life saver. You don’t have to strain yourself by folding the clothes, all you need to do is throw them in. It will save you valuable time and energy.
Bleach Pen : I never seem to be able to eat without spilling something on my clothes. A bleach pen is sure to solve the small stains from white clothes.
Dollar bills : Tips are always appreciated and will surely improve the quality of services received. I advise you to always have 20-30 dollars in small bills to reward the staff members.
Sticky Notes : With all the excitement going on you are certainly going to forget something. Sticky notes are very useful to write down the parts of the itinerary you are interested in, bits of information you might forget, names or addresses. If you have a personal copy of the itinerary a highlighter will prove sufficient.
Extension cord: Unfortunately outlets are never enough in the cruise ship rooms. It is always practical to have more outlets for your phone, laptop, hairdryer and other electronics.
Journal : Embarking on a world cruise is an extraordinary experience, one that should remain in your memory forever. Therefore it is wise to record everything you have seen or done. This way you can capture ideas before they are gone and entertain yourself later.
Travel light : We have the tendency to take too many things we don’t use on our trips. When packing, and especially when packing for a luxury cruise, try to keep it as simple as possible because the boat’s amenities are extensive. Don’t forget that every ounce sparred in the morning, is a pound won in the evening!

These are some of the little tricks and tips that will surely make a great difference in the way you travel. It’s probably not the best list but I’m confident that it will help. Happy packing!


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