Travelling alone can be sometimes rewarding and refreshing, because such a journey can help us reconnect to ourselves, think of our problems, seeking for solutions or just escaping from your daily routine to a new place where you can interact with other people. Let’s not forget that there’s nothing more relaxing than taking a vacation. Or that freedom you have being by yourself.

If you decided to try something different this year and you need a solo vacation, far away from everyone, it is good to be informed about the best places to go travelling alone. When you are choosing for a travel destination to travel alone, it is indicated to see how much there is to do in that particular place, how easy you can get there and how safe is the location.

Don’t know exactly where to go by yourself? We hope that our list with possible places to visit will inspire for your next travel destinations.

1. Ireland is a good place to spend your solo vacation, because its inhabitants are friendly and welcoming people, which means is a safe place, especially for solo women. If you are having hard moments in your life and need something to cheer you up, try the luck of the Irish. Whether you go and have a tour to its places, mountains and valleys or go and visit the Dublin Castle, you’ll definitely have a great time. Besides, being among the Irish people, you won’t even feel you have come alone in this trip. For an authentic Irish experience, it is also a must to taste the Irish beer or go to the Crocke Park Stadium.

2. Costa Rica, a real eco place where you can enjoy the nature in its splendor. It is also a great spot for solo traveler with a variety of activities to do, including, rafting, hiking or just relaxing in hot summers and admiring the breathtaking landscapes. Here you have also a bunch of places to visit and discover, such as Manuel Antonio National Park, where you ca have a real adventure through the rain forest, watch a sunset on the beach or experience surf . Costa Rica is also the right location to do volunteer work, to help with turtles or learning English to locals.

3. Australia can be a good place to go by yourself, even if you have to flight for a few hours. Similar with the other countries, you’ll feel like home, as soon as you have stepped off the plane. Don’t worry to feel awkward for travelling alone, because Australians have a high sense of independence and they are also friendly with tourists. Moreover, there are lots of solo travelers that frequent Australia each year.

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