Trapped between beautiful stretches of sand and a tropical untamed jungle lies one of Sri Lanka’s most unique and luxurious travel destinations. Jungle Beach is a brand new entirely inbuilt intro nature resort with an exceptional setting. It is the perfect get away for a honeymoon or a family weekend.

One of the things I find most interesting about this place is the fact that it is environmentally friendly. The hotel itself was built with great care for the surroundings, well thought out so that in time it will blend with the natural habitat. The whole concept was to create a secluded resort in which the visitor can truly relax and experience Sri Lanka’s unimpaired jungle atmosphere. It truly defines the concept “of the beaten track” for it is only accessible by means of a small road leading to the port of Trincomalee.

The hotel manages to create an interesting contrast between this virgin and somewhat savage landscape and its rich amenities. The 48 rooms available are spectacular and very spacious. The private beaches which can be easily accessed from the premises are to die for, and there are also numerous other things such as Wifi, pools, gyms and spa’s available. There is a wide range of possible activities available : waterski, outdoor activities, diving, thermal waters, trips to the Thirayaya Buddhist temple and Pigeon Island National Park Resort which is very well known for the impeccable services it provides.

After reading many reviews I am confident to say that the services provided are top notch, and have played a great role in the way that the Jungle Beach experience is perceived. The location has an open air restaurant which serves excellent traditional and international dishes, the staff is extremely attentive with the needs of the travelers and what the hotel lacks in equipment it makes up for in good will.

However perfect this small piece of paradise may seem, it has some drawbacks. First of all it might turn out to be a little too relaxing and secluded for some people, for it is literally hidden in the vast jungle. Another thing is that no tree was cut during constructions, which means there are a limited number of rooms with an agreeable view, and even these ones might not satisfy you. The last thing you should bear in mind before choosing this as your next destination is that the hotel is situated in a very isolated spot with little possibilities of visitation. The only place to dine is in the hotel, and the closest city is Trincomalee .

All in all the Jungle Beach Hotel is based on an innovating concept of returning to the simple pleasures offered by an unaltered natural landscape. It is a great place for vacation on one of the best rated beaches in Sri Lanka fully packed with enticing activities and romantic scenery. For those in search of something different, Sri Lanka’s Jungle Beach Resort is the place to see!

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