Seeing the Northern Lights for the first time has always represented an extraordinary experience for man, although the cold weather, the wind and other unforeseen elements may always interfere with it. To make the experience more enjoyable and to meet the needs of tourists at the highest standard, the Kakslauttanen Hotel in Lapland offers customers the unique possibility of gazing at the Northern Lights while being snuggled up in their warm beds, perhaps with hot chocolate on the night stand and a constant temperature.

Located in the Saariselkä area, the hotel offers 40 first-class cabins, either as queen suites, a honeymoon chamber, farmer logs or in winter, traditional ice igloos. The most notable facility, however, is the well-known glass igloo village, with futuristic igloos where tourists can admire the Northern Lights from under a glass ceiling. Upon arrival at the airport, tourists are greeted and offered the possibility of being brought right to the hotel front-door by bus transfer, and when arriving by car, connections are also excellent, as Highway 4 is located nearby.

Frozen Wonders of Lapland

Among the unique recreation activities that are offered, besides spending the night in the glass igloos, tourists can dine in the snow restaurant that is built anew every winter, visit the Ice Gallery and even get married in the snow chapel. Another attraction is Santa’s village, where visitors may enter the house of Santa Clause and enjoy hot drinks and ginger biscuits that are served by elves. Moreover, right next to Santa’s house there is a reindeer pen where you can also drive a reindeer-drawn sledge during winter time.

There is also a Creek where, in summer, elves dig for gold which they later turn to presents according to a secret recipe – and tourists can see light sparkling when presents are forged out of gold nuggets by Smith Elf. If you feel you would like to contribute to the gold searching, you can pan for gold under the directions of the elves and may even keep the nuggets you find! But for those of you who want to refrain from manual labor, there are other thrilling activities such as cross country skiing, mountain-skiing or snowboarding and for those daring enough, ice swimming. During the summer tourists can treat themselves to berry picking ( and eating of course ), hiking, trekking and mountain biking – these activities will surely convince even the most-convinced of non-believers that Lapland can be an exceptional experience even in the summer.

All things considered, when planning for a vacation you should at least consider the Kakslauttanen Hotel since the experience you will have here will surely be a memory hard to forget.

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