Every trip to Paris isn’t complete without a visit at the famous Disneyland world. As a family, with your friends or as a couple, treat yourselves with a magical time at Disneyland, the real paradise for entertainment. It’s not an attraction for kids, but for adults too, because it offers the chance to meet all your favorite Disney characters and discover an endless fun in this magic place where all dreams come true.

 Disneyland Paris is a must-see and perfect setting for everyone, giving the possibility to have a memorable vacation full of adventure, magic and a lot of fun. This theme-park was opened to the public in 1992 and is among the most visited attraction in Europe, many tourists joining the world of Mickie Mouse, Minnie, Sleeping Beauty and other beloved characters waiting to be discovered.

Although this distraction will probably produce a hole in your budget, the overall experience is totally worth it. There’s so much to do and visit in this magic place that you don’t know exactly where to start and what to explore. Be sure that once you get there, you’ll be completely charmed by the atmosphere.

From Pirates of the Carribean to the Frontier-land or Fantasy-land, Disneyland Paris is packed with amazing and thrilling attractions. That’s so much to discover and see in the two magical locations Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios that it can be difficult to know where to begin your exploration adventure.

In the first location, Disneyland Park, there are five themed lands that need to be explored and seen. Main Street, USA is a small part of the America where many characters can be seen, horse-drawn streetcars, Victorian stores, a great representation of the golden age when Walt Disney was a little boy.

You can also go to the  Fantasyland,  that magic place that inspired Disney’s classic films, where you can see the Sleeping Beauty Castle or spin around the popular Mad Hatter’s Teacups, listen a great and catchy musical accompaniment and more distractions.

For more adventure, the Frontierland is full of adventure of the Wild West. There’s that special place called Pocahontas Indian Village where children can have a lot of fun or the whole family can have a pleasant experience on the Mississippi river. Moreover, there’s more to explore at the Big Thunder Mountain.

Adventureland is another place full of excitement for the whole family in the company of popular characters that will offer a memorable journey. Don’t miss Indiana Jones in a wonderful trip through the Temple of Peril.

Once you arrived in the Discoveryland, visitors will enjoy a beautiful trip in time and space and Space Mountain: Mission 2 is the main attraction of all.

Walt Disney Studios is also another magic land to visit with your family and have lots of fun. This wonderful place called Disneyland Paris waits to be explored and discovered.


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