Slovenia may not be as famous and known as other top travel destinations European countries, but it’s surely an interesting place to consider visiting and exploring. If you will decide you want to discover Slovenia you will learn that it is located in the heart of Europe. Therefore, it is a very accessible location. Moreover, it lies in the eastern Alps at the northern end of the Adriatic Sea and is bordering with Austria, Italy, Hungary, and Croatia.

1. Ljubljana, the Capital

Feel free to visit Slovenia anytime you want, because any season is great for a tour to this green part of Europe, which is a really special place. Ljubljana, the capital, is a small and beautiful city. It has an interesting medieval castle, great canals, cafes, bars, restaurants, as well as some truly friendly locals.

The level of prices in this town easily compares with those of other big cities, such as Portugal, depending on the place you go. It seems that the capital is more expensive than other cities. However, you can find affordable things according to your own tastes as well.

discover Slovenia

2. The People

Because of its European position with neighbors like Italy or Austria, it makes Slovenia a multicultural and multi-lingual region, being an English speaking country. This information can be very useful because you won’t be stressed out when asking for directions, a good restaurant or top places to visit. Locals are generally speaking English very well, so you won’t have understanding or communication problems.

What may surprise you while you discover Slovenia is the exceptional diversity, the beautiful landscape, and the fine cuisine. Also, great resorts to stay, friendly people, the sea, while turning the head in the opposite direction to see the mountains. It’s a small country, but it has so many things to share with its tourists.

3. What to Do

Slovenia has many wonderful locations that can please even the most difficult tourist. Moreover, travelers can experience lots of outdoor activities such as golf courses, cycling, hiking, etc. As well as other extreme sports plus various recreational events offered during the season you are visiting this country.

discover slovenia

A short drive of a few hours can get you from the Mediterranean to the Alpine peaks or to the Pannonian lowlands or other impressive views shown by the Dolenjska hills. Beautiful places with breathtaking landscapes are totally worth it. So, remember to charge your camera and take as many photos as you like, by capturing these awesome places.


After just one visit you will be glad you chose to discover Slovenia. Also, this will for sure become an experience you’ll want to repeat next year. Slovenia is a pleasant country that refreshes your body and spirit and recharges your batteries. We have a list for you with a few reasons for which you should visit Bulgaria as well, this is another beautiful European country you shouldn’t miss out on. Have you visited any other East-Europen countries lately? Tell us all about it in a comment below!

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