Would you like to experience this European country, but you aren’t fully convinced? What’s to see and discover here, you are probably tempted to say. You may not see the pointing in visiting this country, but there are numerous reasons to visit Bulgaria. The country has its charm and is one of the cheapest European destinations to keep in mind. If you don’t know exactly where to spend your summer vacation and you have a limited budget, Bulgaria is a true bargain for every traveler. Below we have a list of the top reasons to visit Bulgaria.

1. Beautiful Beaches

Bulgaria has lots to offer when it comes to sandy beaches, which are some of the most impressive in Europe. Needless to say that its special offers with all inclusive are good reasons for foreign tourists to prefer Bulgaria instead of other well-known destinations. For example, Albena or Golden Sands are two appreciated beaches for their clean and fine sand. Albena is home to more than 40 modern hotels with a great location, offering direct access to the beach. Let’s not forget about extra services with massage, pool and other facilities; all of them available for affordable prices.

reasons to visit Bulgaria

2. Hospitable people

You are definitely going to see a country with different eyes if its people are warm, welcoming and friendly. Bulgarians are indeed hospitable people and they receive their tourists in a traditional way, with delicious meals and wine, always in a mood to celebrate and party. It’s a great chance to see and participate in local festivals and be part at their fiestas.

3. Unique Fragrances

If you didn’t know, Bulgaria is the land of roses and each year attracts many tourists with its annual the Rose Valley. The Bulgarian rose is definitely the most suggestive symbol of this country. However, we recommend you visit in early June to be able to fully enjoy it.

4. Spiritual Monasteries

For all tourists passionate about culture, Bulgaria is an Orthodox country with many cultural points of interest to offer.  Since there are so many to see and discover you’ll need to be very selective. The country offers more than 120 interesting monasteries and churches. It is a great opportunity to get a perspective of its rich cultural heritage of beautiful monasteries, being home to ancient and catchy paintings. Moreover, you’ll get to experiment the traditional Bulgaria and not just its modern capital Sofia.

reasons to visit Bulgaria


By now we are sure you think you have enough reasons to visit Bulgaria. Aside from the fact that it offers visitors affordable prices, it also has beautiful locations with impressive beaches, mountains, and rich history. Situated in the southern part of Europe near Romania, another interesting country, Bulgaria is becoming a popular travel destination for tourists.


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