If you are looking to experience a completely new destination, you may want to visit Sofia, Bulgaria, an interesting yet charming city located in Eastern Europe. Aside from being one of the ancient cities in Europe, it’s a great place to spend a vacation. It has great and affordable food, excellent nightlife with friendly locals, concerts, as well as great music and impressive buildings.

Let’s see which are the main reasons why you should visit Sofia, Bulgaria:

1. Location

visit Sofia, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian city has a great location because it is linked by international routes with many important and well-known European capitals via Istanbul, Ankara or the Middle East. Depending on your destination, it should take 2 or 3 hours to arrive in any other European city.

2. Mount Vitosha

Mount Vitosha is one of the symbols of Sofia and one of the most visited mountains in the area, mostly known for skiing. Therefore, this place gets many tourists every year, an attraction are its affordable prices as well. However, Vitosha is also extremely popular for other sports such as hiking or snowboarding. If you are curious to visit the oldest national park from the Balkans, go to the foothills of the Mount Vitosha and see a variety of animals such as wolves, deer, bears, foxes, or different bird species.

3. History and Culture

Sofia is a city that continues to grow, but never ages, and is also one of Europe’s ancient cities. Founded over 7,000 years ago, this modern capital combines perfectly the old with new. That can be seen in its old buildings that testify the city’s mixed history. Also, it has a fancy and beautiful boulevard where you can find the high-end fashion labels from across the world. Called after Mount Vitosha, this shopping street is filled with bars, restaurants or cafes to relax after a session of buying new clothes.

4. Day Trips and Nightlife

visit sofia, bulgaria

One of its biggest advantages is the accessibility to beautiful surroundings, where you can take amazing day trips. There are some really great regions: Banska, the Rila Mountains, and Malyiovitsa. Here the tourists can arrive with comfortable buses and enjoy great landscapes. Also, the city has a memorable nightlife atmosphere with excellent food, lots of live music, night parties, band clubs or traditional music. Tourists will have a lovely surprise when they will discover this amazing city that will charm them instantly.


To visit Sofia, Bulgaria may seem an unlikely travel destination for many tourists, but this city has a special beauty that you shouldn’t miss out on. Although it isn’t famous as other European cities such as Prague, Istanbul or Vienna, the city is still a good option to spend your summer vacation. It is attractive especially for tourists looking to enrich their knowledge and discover something new with every travel adventure.


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