Spoiling yourself from a culinary point of view in a vacation is great, but that does not mean you should drop the diet that you usually have. If you have the time to make a little diet plan before your departure, you will be able to keep your figure during the holidays without feeling like you’re restricted. Not to mention that in this way you get rid of all those unhealthy temptations which are so appealing during your vacation. Whether you are choosing a perfect summer destination or a luxurious resort, these tricks about eating healthy food will come in handy to you.

It is a well-known fact that during the holiday you eat whatever we can (it’s a holiday and we have to splurge) and we tend to forget about diet rules that should be part of a balanced lifestyle. You start ordering dessert at the end of each meal, the evenings are not as fun without a sweet and aromatic cocktail and traditional delicacies are always tested and tasted. No wonder that many people experience common disorders while vacationing, related to changing dietary habits all of a sudden. We are not saying you should give up the small pleasures of a vacation, but do not skip your regular diet. The secret is in finding a middle way. Check out our advice on eating healthy on vacation!

1. Avoid “all-you-can-eat” restaurants or those with a fixed price

Although it sounds super good, try to avoid these restaurants. Usually, the food comes in big quantities and when you wake up before huge amounts of cooked meals, greasy or sweet, you will have a hard time refraining from tasting and trying every single thing on the menu. Rather, choose a restaurant that has a basic menu and promotes eating healthy food that does not put your silhouette in danger.

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2. Beware of calories when dining out

Eating out can become a real crazy thing when you’re on vacation. To make sure that you don’t eat too unhealthy, try to order as much as possible, dishes containing vegetables and meats that are made in the oven or on the grill. It is easy to control calories if you stay away from fried foods or fatty foods. In addition, instead of juice, drink water, it will really make a difference.

3. Choose one meal a day to spoil yourself

To be sure you do not jump the gun with too much junk food, do as follows: choose one meal a day and eat whatever your heart desires. The most recommended is to opt for lunch (at evening, your silhouette is in more danger if you eat too much or too unhealthy). Or if you’re planning a night out, eat according to the diet throughout the day and indulge in the evening with a cocktail or a dessert.

4. Take healthy snacks with you when you go to the beach or for a walk

Another important rule for eating healthy on vacation is to consume healthy snacks. So, you’ll be less tempted to buy whatever you want at the beach bar or fast-food nearby and it will surely be something less healthy. It is best to make yourself a snack before you leave the hotel. A few simple ideas: a bag of nuts and seeds, a mix of dried fruit, cereal, and yogurt or fresh fruit.

5. Rent an apartment with a kitchen

An apartment with a kitchen can save you from many meals eaten recklessly in town. We are not saying you have to spend the entire holiday in the kitchen, but can you cook at least one meal a day at home and make it healthy. Studies show that people who tend to eat out often gain weight more easily because the dishes are high in calories and the portions are too big. Eating healthy on vacation is easier than it may seem and this way you take care, not only of your weight but also of your health.


Basically, in order not to gain extra pounds while on vacation and still look great at the end of summer, make yourself a little holiday diet plan and follow a few rules. No need to make great sacrifices, just be a little careful about what, how, where, and how much you eat. The diet rules on vacation are simple and do not restrict drastically, so follow them if you do not want to gain weight. What’s your favorite healty snack?


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