Yes, we enjoy vacations a lot and they are probably the only thing that makes waking up every morning at 7 am bearable. We look forward to vacations all year round and the planning and booking are, for most people, a lot of fun. Whether you are choosing summer destinations inspired by books, cruises or adventurous destinations, all travelers experience the same thing: we hate packing. We hate having a big luggage, but at the same time we need a lot of things. So, here are some essential items for a successful vacation.

Every day clothes

Clothes are the biggest problem when you’re packing for vacation, because you’re tempted to take as many pieces of clothing with you, and forget the essential things. But if you have to make a small luggage, you should pack light. Specifically, for every day spent on holiday, you have to take one shirt. You will also need a skirt, a pair of shorts and a dress. As for swimsuits, take two.

Even if the weather forecast announces good weather for the destination you are going to spend your holidays, make sure you add a pair of pants and a shirt for cool mornings and evenings. To save space in your luggage, roll clothes instead of folding them.

Few, but good shoes

You do not need a suitcase full of shoes and sandals on vacation, because you won’t have the time to wear them. A pair of flip flops for the beach, a pair of casual shoes and a pair of sports shoes are all you need to put in a small bag.

Essential beach essentials

No matter how small your luggage is, you have to take a sunscreen lotion with high SPF. A pareo is also essential to protect the skin and does not occupy much space in your luggage. Do not forget your sunglasses and hat, beach. The bag must make room for a towel.

Travel essentials

Especially if you are travelling for many hours, a neck pillow will prove to be very efficient. Don’t forget an mp3 player (or at least add some music to your smartphone), a book / magazine or an Ebook Reader which can accommodate your entire book collection or if you really want to save space, take a tablet and you will have an Internet connection, a book collection and magazines, all in one gadget. Don’t forget your eye mask for when you want to sleep.

cool travel kit

Essential gadgets

Among the essential items for a successful vacation are your very useful gadgets, such as your camera, your phone and camera charger, a memory card, an updated GPS system (if you are travelling by car).


Let your skin breathe at least during the summer. If however you want to take with you makeup supplies, sum up the essentials: eye shadow kit, mascara and foundation with medium coverage and, of course, a good moisturizer. Your face can few days without a cleansing mask or scrubs. To save space, “hide” makeup products between clothes.

Body care essentials

Since your bag is small, all things related to body care should be as small as possible. Think that you do not need a large container of shampoo or XXL shower gel. Better look for travel kits containing small containers of shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste and hair brush. While we’re in this chapter, we recommend that you put in your luggage some basic medicines for headaches and digestive problems, or for any other health issues that you believe might arise during your vacation.

Papers and stuff

Of course, you cannot leave home without your ID, passport and travel insurance. Take a map or make sure you have a map of the city (with the most important tourist attractions) in your GPS system, smartphone of tablet. Also, make sure you have spare change for certain fees you might have to pay, like a ride with a taxi from the airport to the hotel, or tipping the luggage guy.

Bonus: things to do before you leave for vacation

Pay all your bills

Imagine coming back home with no electricity or Internet connection. Although your only problem is how to squeeze more clothes in the bag, an unpaid bill can put you in a not so pleasant situation.

Get rid of perishable foods

Perishable products should not remain in your fridge during your time away from home. No matter how powerful your fridge is, food will go bad and coming back to an awful smell will ruin your vacation buzz.

Ask someone to take care of the house

If you have a relative or a trusty neighbor, you should ask them to watch the house while you are away. Give them a spare key and ask them to visit your house once every few days to check if everything is okay. You never know how a pipe could break.

Moreover, if you have a longer vacation, your flowers will need someone to water them occasionally.

Give somebody emergency numbers

You forgot to activate your roaming and now it’s too late? Leave phone numbers to your neighbor or relative which they can use for emergencies. This may be the phone number of parent, sibling or best friend.

We hope that with this list of essential items for a successful vacation, you will be able to pack faster, lighter and more efficient.

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