If you are planning to visit Turkey this summer, maybe you should include Istanbul in your itinerary. This city is one of the oldest in the world, full of interesting and beautiful points of interests and lots of things to do. Historic, modern and traditional are characteristics that can describe this amazing city. But let’s focus on the main Istanbul attractions for which a trip to this exotic city can be a great experience for any pretentious person.

1. History

It is interesting to visit for those fascinated about the old capital of Romans, Byzantine and then Ottomans. They can be witness to this period as well as learn facts and stories about that time. And even see the lands or palaces that summarize the 600 year Ottoman adventure. The city seen throughout visitors’ eyes represents the crown of three empires, a city that has so much to tell and show.

2. Beautiful Points of Interests

Istanbul attractions

These are some of the top Istanbul tourist attractions. Needless to say that the city was named the European Capital of Culture back in 2010 and offers an impressive array of amazing landscapes throughout Istanbul. For example, you can go and see The Blue Mosque, which is a remarkable construction with a fine attention to details inside. As well as another popular place, the Suleymaniye Mosque, which is another religious building with a superb appearance. Other interesting sights are the palaces that show off the royal home of the city’s sultans, such as Topkapi Palace, dating from the 14th century. As well as the Sunken Palace, an extraordinary cavern with an impressive interior with illuminated marble columns.

3. Tasteful cuisine

This is another reason to spend your vacation in Istanbul. The city offers a sophisticated mix of international cuisines. As well as different restaurants where you can experience new meals or eat your favorite one. But the local cuisine is also worth a try because the food is tasty and authentic.

4. Shopping

Istanbul attractions

Shopping is one of the Istanbul attractions you do not want to miss out on. It will truly be a fun adventure since it is known that Istanbul is one of the most spectacular shopping capitals in the world. It offers endless possibilities from luxury magazines to local and traditional shops, as well as handmade products. If you want to taste the real pleasure of shopping, you can choose Grand Bazaar, a place where locals sell their goods. Or the Spice Market that provides a variety of sweets, fragrant spices plus antique shops, modern shopping malls and others.


Where Asian and European continents meet across the Bosphorus river, tourists can discover a city of wonder, full of phenomenal beauties that wait to be admired. If you might have been asking if a vacation to Istanbul is worth it, the answer is definitely yes. Succinctly, Istanbul is a safe and friendly city, not very expensive. That has one of the best cuisines in the world for people who love food. Moreover, along with these amazing Istanbul attractions, you can also visit other beautiful places in Turkey.


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