When summer is just around the corner everyone starts making plans for their holidays. Some want a classic vacation in a popular European capital, while others prefer to be more adventurous and try a unique and unforgettable experience and go all the way to Asia. However, we suggest Malaysia, and below we will tell you all about what to do in Malaysia. If you should be tempted to visit and discover this friendly, beautiful and culturally rich country know that it will be worth the entire financial investment. Malaysia is an amazing getaway for each tourist who wants to experience something new. Its beautiful sights, warm climate, delicious cuisine, and the mix of cultural influences are all interesting activities to try.

If you are not completely convinced that you will have an unforgettable experience, here’s a list of several reasons to keep in mind if you are wondering what to do in Malaysia:

1. The Right Place for Shopping

Kuala Lumpur is actually the city for those who are a bit shopaholic and need to buy something new such as a fancy dress or t-shirts, skirts from various famous brands or different handmade products. Besides, chances are to find many discounts and sales on clothes while you are visiting Malaysia.

what to do in Malaysia

2. Delicious Cuisine

Gourmands will be able to taste a mix of Indian, Continental, Mexican or Chinese food in the many restaurants from Malaysia. It is also recommended to taste the hot, spicy, yet colorful Malaysian cuisine with a variety of dishes to experiment.

3. Impressive Sights

Sightseeing is another top reason to visit Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is probably the top destination for tourists with its skyscrapers along with exotic beaches and amazing islands to see. You can also discover the hidden and mysterious treasures of Langkawi, an interesting archipelago made of up to 99 islands on Malaysia’s west coast. Moreover, Malaysia offers natural beauty such as the rain forests with an amazing view or the splendor of its biodiversity found in Kuala Selangor Park or Mulu National Park.

what to do in Malaysia

4. The Wildlife

If you are still wondering what to do in Malaysia, you need to know that the wildlife is very present here. Those who love nature can go for an interesting experience to the famous botanic garden or the bird park. If you are vising Malaysia with the entire family, your kids will surely love all these species of animals. Moreover, it is actually a great location to be with your family. Therefore, don’t hesitate to go and spend a unique vacation in Asia.

what to do in Malaysia

5. Diverse Culture

The culture is another reason to come to Malaysia because it is a beautiful mix of cultures. Here all inhabitants live in joy and harmony, being also very welcoming with tourists. People all over the world such as Thailand, China, India or Europe come here to admire Malaysia’s beauties.


In terms of accommodation, you are free to choose where to stay; in a luxurious place or a more affordable hotel, according to your possibilities. Malaysia has also a variety of outdoor activities to try along with other things to do and discover. If you want to check other options close by, you can look at our article on travelling to Borneo.


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