Colloquially known simply as ‘Sin City,’ Las Vegas has become a hugely popular destination for those that want the excitement of a vacation like no other. This is a place where you will find everything from world-class shows and performances to around the clock entertainment, the chance to become a millionaire with the spin of a wheel, celebrities frequenting nightclubs, pool parties, fabulous restaurants, incredible themed hotels, and much more.

It is little wonder that people from around the world flock to Las Vegas each year and many of them stay at the fabulous Planet Hollywood Las Vegas. When you stay and play at this incredible resort hotel, you can look forward to plenty of fun, entertainment, excitement, and memorable vacation experience. This is the perfect choice for those that enjoy a lively atmosphere and an electric vibe.

In this post, we'll cover all you need to know about Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

What Is Planet Hollywood Las Vegas?

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas is a resort hotel on the main Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas Boulevard. This is a huge resort hotel with different floors, an incredible vibe, an excellent array of music, dancers, many amenities, fabulous rooms and suites, and a unique atmosphere.

People head to Planet Hollywood Las Vegas to try out the great restaurants, sample the cocktails, enjoy the music and entertainment, and try their luck in the casino. However, many also decide they love the atmosphere of the place so much they want to be based there for the duration of their trip to Las Vegas. Many therefore book a room or suite at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, and there are plenty to choose from.

Where Is Planet Hollywood Las Vegas?

One of the many enviable things about Planet Hollywood Las Vegas is its excellent location. This resort hotel is located at the center of the famous Las Vegas strip, surrounded by attractions, amenities, entertainment, great views, and neon lights. When you stay at this resort, you will find it is easy to get around as you can head to both the North and South ends of the strip with ease.

You will also be able to enjoy being opposite the incredible Bellagio fountains, which is even more exciting if you manage to get a room or suite with a view of the fountains. Surrounded by many other well-known resort hotels, Planet Hollywood provides the perfect location for your Las Vegas trip.

Why Visit Planet Hollywood Las Vegas?

So, why should you visit Planet Hollywood Las Vegas when there are so many hotel and resort options available in Sin City? Well, there are many reasons why people decide to stay and play at Planet Hollywood. This includes:

The Location of Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

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One of the many benefits of choosing Planet Hollywood Las Vegas is its excellent location. Slap bang in the center of the neon-lit strip that has become so famous over the decades, you can get around with ease when you stay here. In addition, Planet Hollywood Las Vegas is right next to a range of other hugely popular resort hotels as well as a wide variety of attractions, sights, and entertainment venues.

The location enables you to take in some incredible views such as the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel and the gorgeous Bellagio Fountains that dance around just outside Planet Hollywood. In short, you will be in one of the best locations on the Strip when you come to Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, so you can look forward to total convenience and ease as well as an incredible place to stay.

The Music and Entertainment Offered


As you would expect, the entertainment and music at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas are second to none. This is not a place for the faint of heart looking for a quiet vacation. This is a place that is packed with music, entertainment, clubs, pool parties, and everything else you could think of for a truly entertainment-packed experience.

You can visit the on-site club, enjoy one of the many bars and restaurants on site, enjoy the banging music in the casino, and take in the shows and performances. If you enjoy a diverse host of entertainment and you are a lover of music, this is an excellent place to base yourself during your visit to Sin City.

The Exciting Vibe and Atmosphere of Planet Hollywood

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When you go to Las Vegas, you know that you will be treated to an atmosphere like no other.

This is an atmosphere that is electric and makes your time here so unique. Well, at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, you will find an abundance of the electric atmosphere and exciting vibe that Las Vegas has become so well known for.

The booming music, neon lights, incredible décor, and exciting entertainment all add to the atmosphere. If you love bars, clubs, and nightlife, you will love everything about Planet Hollywood Las Vegas.

The Fabulous Rooms and Suites

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When you visit Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, you can choose from a range of room and suite options to suit your needs, preferences, and budget. All the rooms are nicely decorated with movie themes and unique char.

However, if you can splash out on a suite, you are in for a real treat. For instance, the Panorama Suite is unforgettable and will enable you to enjoy sheer unadulterated luxury. The chances are that celebrities have frequented these suites, so you can enjoy kicking back in a suite that may have been home to one of your favorite celebs for a week or two.

You will enjoy perks such as a huge TV in the center of the room, wall-to-wall windows with incredible views of the Bellagio fountains and the Strip, a bathtub in the middle of the living area, and much more.

A Host of Amenities Available

Staying at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas means you can enjoy easy access to a huge range of amenities and facilities on site. You will find everything from exciting bars with a great atmosphere to nightclubs, the pool area, shopping facilities, and a choice of excellent eateries.

Of course, you also have the excitement of the casino to keep you busy as well as extras such as theater performances and musical entertainment. One thing you can guarantee when you stay at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas is that you will certainly never find yourself short of things to see and do.

Surprisingly Affordable Rates

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Many people don’t even entertain the idea of staying at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas because they assume it will cost too much. However, you will be surprised at how affordable the rates are, particularly if you are staying in a standard room.

Also, it is not unknown for the hotel to upgrade lucky visitors to suites upon arrival, so you may strike it lucky and end up in a fabulous suite during your time here. The hotel group also operates a rewards scheme whereby you can collect points when you stay at any of the hotels, which you can then exchange for free nights, upgrades, meals, casino credits, and other perks.

The Huge and Exciting Casino

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One of the many things that Las Vegas is known for is its huge range of incredible casinos, and when it comes to gaming Planet Hollywood Las Vegas does not disappoint.

You will find a huge casino here with an astonishing array of games with everything from sports betting and table games to an impressive choice of slots. Also, you can enjoy the free cocktails served up by friendly waitresses as you play in the casino while also taking in the rocking beats of the excellent variety of music that is played here.


There is little doubt that when it comes to excitement, thrills, luxury, and convenience, Planet Hollywood Las Vegas has it all. This is a place that is an excellent choice for those that want somewhere memorable to base themselves while in Sin City.

Even if you are not staying at the hotel, it is definitely a place you should visit so you can try your luck in the casino, enjoy dining at one of the many restaurants, hobnob with celebrities at the nightclub, and enjoy the fabulous shopping that awaits.

If you love being in the thick of the action and want to explore the Las Vegas strip with greater ease, you will be delighted with the location of this resort hotel as well. Not only will you enjoy excellent views of the strip from your room with a view but you can also visit some of the top hotels in Vegas without any problem because they will be right on your doorstep.

Also, you will find many other excellent amenities and facilities on your doorstep including bars, entertainment venues, shopping, clubs, and restaurants. Of course, you will also find these things inside the resort hotel, so you certainly won’t have to go far to access these conveniences when you stay at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas.

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