Picture this: A stunning spa-resort with breath-taking views of the Caribbean sea. Acres of plush ground, drenched in tranquility. Opulent accommodations, which come with an equally impressive list of amenities. Full-course gourmet delights that are exclusively crafted for you, right in front of you! And a thrilling set of activities that are sure to keep you busy the whole day, yet leave you undoubtedly revitalized. Now club them all together, and you have vacation at the El Dorado Royale.

Karisma–the owners of award-worthy, luxury 5-star hotels and resorts–have gone over and beyond to create El Dorado Royale, the perfect haven of leisure and extravagance. We're here to tell you all about it.

What Is El Dorado Royale?

Infinity Pool Casita Suite

At first glance, El Dorado Royale may seem like just another luxurious resort. It is not. It is also not just a foodie’s hunting ground, or even your extravagant romantic hotspot. El Dorado Royale is, first and foremost, an extraordinary experience. The makers proudly call it “a bliss of paradise”. We believe this title is justified, as they create a spectacular setting that serves as the perfect backdrop for several blissful experiences and plenty more.

An Explorer’s Wonderland

Imagine if you could enjoy the earthiness of a horse ranch in the exotic grounds of Mexico. Imagine if you could spend your time exploring rare animals, hidden within the sacred spots of this unique land. Imagine if you could spend days having fun in the water, with several sports to chill and thrill. Imagine if you could get entry to an exclusive and unique theater experience that is not only dramatic, but caters to all your senses. Finally, imagine that you end every wonder-filled day with an exceptional seven-course Mexican feast that brings in all the flavors, in an earthy jungle setting! Just imagine: is the explorer in you intrigued yet?

A Versatile Space Filled with Possibility

At El Dorado Royale, You decide the space and pace you wish to enjoy. You may be a big-time corporate animal looking to relax and rejuvenate before you get back into the race. The all-inclusive suites of El Dorado Royale are loaded with the latest in technology, a well-stocked mini-bar, private pools and butler service. Now couple this with the nine international restaurants spread across the El Dorado Royale grounds (which are a mere 5k away from a plush golf course), and you have the perfect setting.

You may be an outright water-baby, seeking the calm and comfort of the Caribbean sea. You can blissfully soak in its arms in our indoor and outdoor pools. And if you are a seeker of adventure looking for uncommon thrills, there is an array of exciting sports–from snorkeling to zip-lining–to fulfill this part of you.

You may be a busy professional, looking to use this time to bring the romance back into your relationship. This is where you will be glad to know El Dorado Royale is an exclusive “adult-only” resort, with plenty of couple-friendly activities that liven up your mojo. You can enjoy a soothing message at an exotic spa, or a couple’s cookout date at the local Mexican cooking school, or an unconventional tour of Mayan culture and food, or even a wondrous date with playful dolphins: it will all leave you filled with romance, going “Yes please!”

Finally, you may be a playful adult looking to celebrate the whimsical parts of you. Whatever your vacation goal is, El Dorado Royale provides the backdrop to let this seamlessly happen for you.

Why Should You Visit El Dorado Royale?

El Dorado Royale

El Dorado Royale’s elite owners are not just a hospitable lot. They are also unapologetically extravagant in the way they pamper every guest. This means that while other luxury resorts pride themselves on giving you an extra piece. El Dorado Royale will happily give you the whole cake! So when you vacation at their place and space, you can expect the royal, magical treatment.

All-Inclusive Suites That Are Primped with Every Luxury for Every Situation

El Dorado Royale offers its guests three types of luxury accommodations. The Connoisseur two bedroom suite is perfect for an all-adult family vacation, as it can fit up to six adults. It also comes with a trip to the local winery, or an exclusive dinner served in the suite’s spacious living quarters. The opulent beachfront honeymoon suite stays true to its name and gives you a once-in-a-lifetime Mexican honeymoon experience.

Here, the newly married couple are literally treated like a king and queen as they enjoy their exclusive beach, served by their very own pool butler! The Junior suite is no less appealing, as it comes with a luxurious double bed and easy access to an indoor jacuzzi.

Whichever suite you choose, you are always close to the pristine waters of the Caribbean sea. The suites are additionally primped with Italian linens, authentic Mexican décor, and luxurious bathrooms. El Dorado Royale also provides easy access to Business/ concierge services, includes a host of free services like:

  •    Wi-Fi
  •    Laundry
  •    Room service
  •    Indoor/Outdoor pool

Add to this the resort’s extravagant hospitality at all times, and you have the perfect cherry on your cake!

A Gratifying Culinary Vacation

We are not kidding you when we say a large number of El Dorado Royale’s guests come just for the gamut of exotic culinary experiences on offer. The sensational Fuentes-Culinary Theatre is utterly unique and specially designed to fulfill all five senses. For instance, imagine watching your favorite cooking show in a grand theater atmosphere, featuring the top chefs and sommeliers of the land cooking up a storm with local favorites, even as you enjoy it all LIVE while you sip on a glass of champagne.

And the pièce de résistance happens when you get to taste all that delicious food! Yes, it’s theater, all its very culinary best!

There are also more than nine bars and restaurants serving international cuisines from Mexican to Italian to American, and even health food, so you never have to repeat a culinary experience during your entire vacation. And if these are not enough, you can additionally feast through the Rivera Maya Food Tours or enjoy local cuisine at the Unico Beach club. Choices, anyone?

What Are Some Fun Things to Do in the Area?

Swimming in the pool of El Dorado Royale

As we mentioned earlier, El Dorado Royale is every honeymooner’s delight. Also an adventurer’s delight. And a foodie’s delight: should we simply say it is every adult-on-vacation’s delight? Here is just a peek into the things you can do on your holiday, El Dorado Royale style. (All activities below are outside the resort grounds and paid for by guests.)

Water Sports

Guests can enjoy (paid) boat tours and related water sports just a short distance from the resort at Playa del Carmen. There is also scuba diving and snorkeling with whale sharks at Buceo Xtabay. If you prefer something more colorful than whales, there are diving and snorkeling activities at Puerto Morelos and Tulaka Diving that allow you to come close to more playful water animals (including dolphins). The National Reef Park is also of special interest and is a short way from the resort. For beach bums, the Ojo de Agua beach is just your spot.

Extreme Adventure

Are zip lines and cenote swimming more your style? Then the “Extreme Adventure” eco park is right up your alley. This park also comes with six unique zip lines and three thematic bridges that give you the whole Mayan-adventure experience. And if you are looking for something more plain (and tame), there is Boca Del Puma, an ecological reserve, and ATV, a recreational eco-park, that also provide adventure sport activities.

Mayan Tour

When in Mexico, be a… Mayan! El Dorado Royale guests have a unique possibility of exploring two different facets of the sacred Mayan culture. The Layla Guesthouse is run by a Mayan family who love to serve their guests with a traditional Yucatecan lunch, with all the trappings. Despite their (heavy) use of chili, the adventure does not end there, as the nearby Mayan cave just has to be explored. Locals claim that cave to be more than a million years old!). Finally, you can cool of all that rigorous activity with a cooling snorkel/swim. Now that is bliss.


The Mexicans sure do love their theater experiences. If the Fuentes-Culinary Theatre wasn’t wondrous enough, there’s also Cirque du Soleil – also a mixed culinary theater experience – which captures the age-old story of an alchemist and his precocious granddaughter. Through this story, the guests are introduced to several local experiences (including the spicy Mexican food), even as they get familiar with Mexico’s sacred history.


As you can see, El Dorado Royale is not a luxury resort. Or an adventure resort. Or a foodie’s heaven. Or a romantic Utopia to kindle the romantic excitement once again. It is a superlative experience where every moment offers diverse and unique possibilities to its elite guests. No matter your type, El Dorado Royale is ready for you. Are you ready?


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