India is seemingly endless, incredibly exotic and filled with innumerable opportunities for fun, leisure and, of course, for shopping. Impossible as the task may seem, we tried to put together a brief list of the most interesting shopping locations in India. For your next holiday go to this wonderful and fascinating corner of the Earth!

1. The New Market in Kolkata

Kolkata is one of the top shopping destinations in India. This bustling city, filled with life and color, has numerous markets and malls, teeming with ‘best buy’ offers in all types of products. You can find wonderful saris, all sorts of handicrafts and one-of-a-kind terracotta items here. Therefore, the New Market is definitely the place to be if you’re planning to do some serious bargaining. Moreover, it hosts over 2,000 stalls.

Its reconstructed section, rebuilt after the great fire in 1985, will have you discover the best and most colorful Indian clothes. The place attracts a huge crowd, especially in the evenings. That is when street vendors come to sell cheap jewelry and colorful, eye-catching bags. It’s open from 10 AM to 8 PM Monday through Friday and until 2:30 PM on Saturday.

shopping locations in India

2. The Colaba Causeway Market in Mumbai

This carnival of a market is a feast for the eyes and its purpose is to attract tourists that will purchase the best local handicrafts at the most attractive prices. Indians say “sab kuch milega” (“you’ll get everything”) and this is certainly true for the Colaba Causeway Market. It’s located in southern Mumbai and it’s open daily. From the very first clients that come in early in the morning, until the very last ones leave happy with the day’s purchases.

You’ll be able to buy books, jewelry, crystal, brass items, incense and clothes here. A small army of balloon and map vendors will assail you, and you’ll have a hard time convincing them to just leave you be. This is one of the shopping locations in India where you can even have your name written on a grain of rice! Close-by lie the famous Leopold’s Cafe and Cafe Mondegar, two of the most famous places to hang out at in Mumbai.

3. The Dilli Haat in Delhi

You’d probably be hard-pressed to find a city with a more vibrant shopping scene than Delhi, which has been repeatedly dubbed home to the best markets in India. There are so many places and items just waiting for you to unearth them. Walking the streets of Delhi can often feel like you are inside of a treasure trove.

The Dilli Haat is probably Delhi’s most famous shopping location, specially designed to look genuine and traditional. The decor consists of small thatched roof cottages that make the place seem like a little Indian village. Moreover, the place is open for almost 12 hours every day, from 10:30 AM to 10 PM, including national holidays.

shopping locations in India


Finally, whether you’re looking for bargains on household items, genuine handicrafts or the best of the best in Indian clothes, there are lots of places across this diverse and populous country to satisfy your need for retail therapy. In fact, along with a handful of other locations around the world (Dubai, China, and Turkey, to name but a few), shopping locations in India are truly a shoppers’ paradise on Earth. One can also travel to India for other reasons, that is why you need to know how to prepare for business travel in India.

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