For the last few years, Sr Lanka has been a top travel destination for many tourists eager to discover this place of heaven with its lush jungles, beautiful beaches or the famous elephants which have had a cultural significance in this area. If you are looking to spend a tour vacation on an island, you should visit Sri Lanka, this must-see location in the northern Indian Ocean.

Beyond those political games with long conflicts or corruption that have dominated this island country, the place has never been more peaceful and attractive. That is why it has become a destination for thousands of tourists wanting to discover a new world. There’s no point in saying that it’s also an affordable place to visit with cheap airlines from Bangkok to Sri Lanka with less than one hundred euros.

Breathtaking sunsets, white sand with crystal clear waters, surfing or the vibrant nightlife are just a few reasons to include this place in your next travel destination. Moreover, if you aren’t completely convinced, here is a list of some good reasons to visit Sri Lanka this year.

1. Diversity 

This is one of the best reasons to come to this amazing place, as diversity extends to almost every aspect of life. Be sure to find here sublime beaches, lagoons, rivers, and various aspects of wildlife jungle with many species of animals. Also, there are great landscapes from the mountains and an impressive number of waterfalls available in a country.

visit to Sri Lanka

2. People

People living in Sri Lanka have a warm and friendly nature which they reflect in their smiling faces and hospitality to invite tourists in their homes, no matter how modest they are. Sri Lanka is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious society with a lot of immigrants. Moreover, there are two principal ethnic groups here: the Sinhalese and Tamils, both being originally from an Indian subcontinent. Other communities include Chinese, Malays or Europeans that have settled on this island.

3. Wildlife

With its mirage manages to attract a large group of tourists every year. Most of them come in Sri Lanka for this well-conserved environment with national parks, sanctuaries, reserves or jungle corridors. Also, there is a high degree of biodiversity being one of 34 world biodiversity hotspots named by the Conservation International. Curious tourists can discover on a journey to a safari a diverse and large number of mammals. Among them are the elephant, leopard, wild boar, sloth bear, squirrel, monkey, and others. Therefore, this island is actually a live paradise that includes over 233 resident species including snake or reptile species.

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Outdoor activities such as surfing, wind-surfing, water-surfing or snorkeling are only a few sports you can experience on the island. Due to its high number of rivers, including lagoons and irrigation lakes, there are also other opportunities for canoeing and other sports if you choose to visit Sri Lanka this year.

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